Quite possibly the country's largest tender and moist chocolate fondant served with strawberries and a sweet, bubbly muscato wine* is currently struggling its way down my system. I suppose it's more like a 'system', I don't think there's much of a system left really - I think it's all a raving chaos. A strawberry with chocolate topping chaos. Everything softly whimpering and squirming kind of chaos - painful whimpering, silent squirming. With a lot of chocolate.

I bought myself a bikini today, I know this is the last thing I should eat, except perhaps waffles with butter - which I've had continously the past five days, but you know what? I only live once, and if I'm living once - just with a belly - then that's fine with me.

I'll live to the end of the week, then I'll stop this madness!

Also trying to get my grubby hands on Björks new album, "Volta" - and I'm hoping it will be excellent because I have heard so many splendid things about it!

*Muscat (Moscato) grows throughout Italy in various forms. In dessert form it is either passito or fortified, but it also appears in sparkling wines (spumante).


Calu said...

Thanks... now i hunger for a dessert! and well, lets just say it wouldn't be the wisest idea.. i look to much like the doughman!

Anonymous said...

Dansehåndtakene este ut bare ved å lese dette...
I kveld blir det 45 minutter bosuball, minst.
Også blod og svette og tårer selvfølgelig.
Tante Bister.

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