It moved!


Today there was a spider on my windowsill, I had to huff and puff like the great big wolf to blow it out the window. And when it finally did, it fell screaming all the way down to my bike.

And I mean, look at the loot in that picture, hey hey hey! It is quite obvious that Bominski is mining. Something she loathed.



mum said...

Stop harassing poor Bominski. She was a hardworking dorf!

mum said...

Oh btw, hope the spider bites you. Hard.

Or at least consuming your raisin storage and the bottle(s) of Bristol Cream.


Tora said...

:< how could wish for such an unfortante faith for your only daughter?

Well, one of the only two daughters...

Smylexx said...

Mum thinks ahead. If something happens to you, she has a "spare" just in case.

Preach seemed very wise though. It's always my first instinct to stomp anything that looks like it might move.

Slick-Carpent-Seller said...

'twould be a real shame if a certain internet modem was configured to block the file "wow.exe" on all ports.

Real shame.

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