Buchanan's Fairtrade Assorted Toffees Review

Today I am reviewing these fabulous Scottish hard fairtrade toffees. And when I say hard, I mean hard. When you manage to get through, they become the kind of chewy variety that has you going for a good five minutes and then for a good week picking it out of your teeth. Yum!

The treacle toffee has a dark, burnt colour which reflects in its enticing and seductive treacle taste. It diverts from a toasty sweetness to the fruity delight of brown sugar. It's not an instant hit, quite an aquired taste, but the lovely sticky texture and the waves of flavour makes it an interesting and worthwhile experience.

The Rum & butter toffee has a light, pale toffee colour and a similarly light rum flavour. The butter, however, is drastically more present and introduces a wall of fatty, creamy, mouth-filling flavours. I liked it, I did, couldn't have too many of them though, and disappointed in the pathetic lack of rum.

Similarly, the coconut toffe had that very light golden, pale toffee colour - but smelled rich and heavy of coconut shampoo. But as with the rum - there simply wasn't enough nuttiness, the butter came in like a donkey in a poncho - stealing the entire show. Butter, butter, butter - though rich and creamy, not so nutty. It was o-kay.

The Devon Toffee is also light in colour and has a mild, buttery vanilla scent. These features are definitely reflected in the flavour as not only is the vanilla protruding, it bathes in the butter until it has a bright, almost fruity flavour. Don't get me wrong, because this is still a heavy toffee, but its mosaic of sweet vanilla flavour makes it very sophisticated.

The Mint Toffee smells like a bright peppermint and has that same, light and pale toffee colour. The flavour is very fresh for being captured in butter-hell, and though the sweetness is overpowering, the mint cuts through beautifully. This is an interesting symbiosis that works... I think, even though it occasionally has a slight resemblance of toothpaste.

The Butter Toffee has a mellow, rich and sweet smell, it is hard to catch but, when you do - it is like walking in to a candy store and being overwhelmed by how sweet a scent can be. The flavour is, not surprisingly - very buttery. Every time you chew it is like the warm, buttery juices are being massaged into your mouth. Unforgivably rich, it will sink your ship like the kraken on drugs. I am not exaggerating. This toffee seriously takes butter to the next level, and we pray we never have to go any further than that.

The Licorice Toffee is pitch black with an upbeat licorice smell. In fact, both the scent and the taste is so fresh it is almost fennel-like in its buttery licorice-fusion. This sounds weird, I know, and it is weird, but it really works. This is a delicious toffee that explodes with interesting flavour and I enjoyed every second of it. One of the best ones.

For some reason the Treacle Toffee and the Licorice Toffee really struck the right chord with me, they were weird, I agree. But they were also both delicious in an original way. This bag of funky toffee shouldn't be what you hand out to the kiddies trick or treating this weekend, they certainly wont like it.

I'd recommend you these if you enjoy your toffee, but don't fret if it's a bit weird and different. I'll always want to try things I haven't tried before, and though I doubt I will try them again, at least I enjoyed them while they lasted, and there's still some left if you want some too. Have a great weekend!

Must haves!

Tink was over tonight, we made pizza and watched "Cashback", we also had some lemon jelly that I bought on sale. Very lovely. Superlovely!

Frost has arrived, and there are iceroses on all the parked cars on the street. I suppose you call them ice patterns or something, but we Norwegians call them "isroser". That is what it looks like, so I think it is a much better word for it.

Aaaand ---Hi, I'm here to give you this months' must haves, baby!

Movietickets for Disney Pixar's "UP" - I truly adored this film, even though Helge said he would never take me to see a Disney film again. I guess he has the right as I was crying my heart out after about three minutes. Still loved it though!

Kings of Convenience newest album "Declaration of Dependence". Definitely. Even though you will say; heard this before, this sounds just like all their other songs. True! But wrong! It does, but doesn't! This is something new, there is something very different about their sound that I have not yet been able to put my finger on. But it's still there. And you need to have it.

First season of British series "Skins". I am extremely hooked on this right now - while you're at it you should probably get the following two seasons as well. It's brilliant!

Mittens, kitten! It's cold right now. Keeping your hands warm makes every day brighter. Guaranteed.

Other than that - have some orange juice and snog your toes into a pair of warm slippers before you go to school or work. Never fails. Don't forget to brush your teeth!

Keep dreaming of the dogs

I miss the dogs soo bad. How people can live without them at all.

IIh, and my jaw hurts so bad! It even hurts to talk and eat, my two favourite things! It's that darn tooth growing through my gums, I can see why babies have a strong need to inform everyone about their pain. Uaah!

But anyway, that doesn't really matter, a bit of warm water and some wok sorts it out for a bit. And anyway I don't really have the time to think of teeth when NaNoWriMo starts on monday and I still have no clue what to write about. To save time and energy I might have to take one of my previous stories and just rewrite it. But how dull is that? Any ideas? Sci-fi was excellent fun last year, but I don't really think it is my genre as I had to research a lot - and seeing it's NaNo - there's no time to! Anybody else joining this year? 30 days of literary abandon? It is magical, I'm freaking out and looking forward to it at the same time.

OOooh, and on friday it's Halloween, what'cha all going to dress up as? I dreamt I had the best idea ever and I was so relieved, but I've forgotten what it was so I'm back to square one again. Iih. But we have a party to see to on Friday and we definitely have to go out on Saturday as well, I love dressing up - Halloween is like my second Christmas!

And Sigrid is coming home from Singapore for a brief encounter (read: brunch) at my mums place on Saturday - whiii! And on Sunday I'm going to do absolutely nothing. Maybe I'll go for a walk up to the church, it's lovely there, all the autumn colours, and then go vegetate in our sofa with a blanket and just relax for once. Odds are - it wont happen. Not a chance. But I don't really mind, we can rest in the grave!

Look at Ulla, look how small she is! My, has she grown fast!

Hate each other!

A sunny day from the bus to work.

Mr. Snorky is still mumbling and grunting comfortably in his duvet and it made me realize something that it appears a lot of people have trouble with. I've just joyfully scrambled through the NaNoWriMo forums and I'm left with so much inspiration I definitely have to pop some new ideas into this weeks school assignment. It was getting a little dry and realistic anyway - I might be losing my touch.

Oh you should really see him sleep. It is the most heartbreaking thing - because, as he's lying there snoring sporadically and having the time of his life, you sit there knowing it has to end at some point. The poor thing!

And I guess that really takes me back to where this post started, though I will just say this immediately first - I have only lived together with my boyfriend for 20 days, which means, in a way - I am by no means qualified to make such a statement as the one I am about to utter. I've read some depressing things on relationships, and, prior to my "stunt" of moving out - these theories, this good advice on how I am doing such a big mistake occurred ever so often. I can't say it didn't tear me down like a sandcastle, but it was so unfair - as the decision had already been made and I should've been given support instead of hassle. At least that is my opinion - okay "I'm screwing up", but let's make the best of it!

I can be a really moody person it appears. Without realizing I have set the bar as I crawl out of bed in the morning to be this or that. Happy or sad. Joyful or unpleasant. And this must be a dreadful thing to witness, I think so, even I, in the eye of the storm, I can see how horrible it must be. But that doesn't help the least bit apparently. However what does help is how effortless this relationship works. If there's something bothering us we say so right away. We have our hiccups but in the end I fail to understand how people manage to distance themselves so much from each other. If you're simply being nice and not being lazy - that means you've both tried, and you can't be bitter. Besides, it's exra good if you neutralize each others mood and laugh at things.

Whenever someone asks: "Will you please do me a favour?" You'll answer "yes" without even knowing what it is because you'll always be delighted to help others. If you can't help them, well at least you entered the situation with a positive attitude. And when you help others out they will help you when you need it. It couldn't be more of a win-win situation. I really have trouble understanding what the problem seems to be. I might kick myself for saying these things in the future, but my experience so far has made me curious on how people must behave towards each other to hate each other so much. How do you do it? I think it requires a lot more effort to be spiteful than to just be a pleasant person. Fight, for God's sake, get it out. But what's left after the battle better be two people ready to give it all to make it work. Well, if not - I guess you deserve each other.

Blog Action Day 2009: Climate Change

There are lots of things that concern me and that I worry about on a daily basis. But some things that should worry me on an equal basis, just feels too distant for me to grasp.

I know I worry more about getting to school on time and getting my schoolwork done than I worry about climate change. Heck I even worry more about "what's for dinner?"

And I figured that would be a good place to start. Because personally there are few things about my life or my lifestyle that directly causes climate change. I travel by public transport to work and I walk to school, I recycle both at work, and at home, I don't leave the heating on when the windows are open, I turn off the lights when I'm not there, and I do most of my writing on digital paper. Also, I use very little hairspray! Or other aerosol products for that matter.

But dinner, I guess dinner is exactly where my neutral effect on the climate goes topsy turvy. I mean we all try, I think. Most people really make an effort at doing things that are good (or at least not so bad) for the environment. I would tell you all off again, but I decided that you should rather read my old post "Captain Planet - 30 Things You Can Do To Save The Planet" and get some inspiration. But I know that personally it is my love for a nice meaty dinner that destroys everything. When I thought of this, even Wikipedia turned against me. Look!

Livestock and land use
Worldwide, livestock production occupies 70% of all land used for agriculture, or 30% of the ice-free land surface of the Earth. Scientists attribute more than 18% of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions to livestock and livestock-related activities such as deforestation and increasingly fuel-intensive farming practices. Specific attributions to the livestock sector include:
  • 9% of global carbon dioxide emissions
  • 35-40% of global methane emissions (chiefly due to enteric fermentation and manure)
  • 64% of global nitrous oxide emissions, chiefly due to fertilizer use.
That is one major "OW!" to me. It means I have to eat more fish and replace the steak with more salad, I mean anything industrially farmed is basically a bad thing, but ecological farming is so unsustainable - it's a joke. Really, I almost find it offensive. It just wont be enough food for everyone if we'd all eat ecological produce.

So local produce is the best shade of grey. Try to focus on food that has travelled an absolute minimum and that also farts accordingly. Bacon does mean the world to me, but not so much I am willing to give the world away for it. If you are already doing all you can to prevent (slow down is good enough) climate change, I am sure you wont feel guilty when looking at this guy:


We made this huuge salad today with apples and tomatoes and cucumber and salad and lish - with crisp chicken and some rice with sour cream. Yum! I also bought some ridiculously cheap imported mango juice that's really rich and delightful.

It's so cold outside and everyone hates it. It's so unfair because the last few days it's been bright and sunny which makes you want to go out and then the wind bites you in the nose and it hurts. Ow!

The weirdest thing about moving out is not having dogs anymore. I was prepared for missing them a lot, but not THIS much. You know. I miss them loads! :( It just seems strange and empty, so maybe I'll get an electronic robot-pig, you know the cheap ones and just stuff a battery in it and throw some cheese at it to see if it helps fill the void. It is the weirdest thing how much a dog means to a family. I couldn't quite imagine mine without one! (Or two).

In other neeews, any good ideas for what to dress up for on Halloween? I was thinking Old Gregg at first, then maybe someone else out of the Mighty Boosh, Tink wanted to be Mr. Susan, which is a great idea, really. The mirror wooorld!

This is the view from our bedroom window, with creepy clouds.
Autumn in Oslo, the leaves are so beautiful.
Doesn't look natural at all, really
And this is another romantic autumn picture I took.

I seen you

Now, I don't mean to suck all the fun out of your prunes, honey. But we're losing it and you need to face the facts. The thing is here that you can't keep on ignoring whats going on around you. It's been going on for way too long, you've been starting to feel it, it's creeping in from the sides like a macaroon in a jelly. Just admit it. I know - it's difficult to explain, but obviously you do know what I'm talking about here, so let's just get to the point.

It's getting cold you berk! You need to put scarves on, and gloves! I seen you, don't you think I haven't - hoisting up your skimpy, transparent little outfits like a bagel in a glove. Scamping about like a cucumber on stalks with wings, actually not like that, different, but the same. Use your brains or you'll be sucking that thermometer like mama's nipple. Stay out of the cold unless you're gonna shape up, yeah?

This has gone too far!


Weirdos and Children

A strange man with a walrus mustache (it really made him look like a walrus!) was peeking into the shop today, while talking to himself. This side of town surely has its rich selection of originals, I must say. There's the one-legged guy playing fetch with his invisible dog, the hairy one who sits in the park and drinks beer, the one with the glasses taking the bus back and forth all day, drinking chocolate milk - and there's the creepy lady with the shopping bags that really does look like a living dead, but who surprisingly talks and behaves frighteningly sane and actually quite nice. That is, when she is not wandering around slooowly, staring right ahead. So far on the other side to where I have moved now, I have noticed nothing weirder than the old drunks sitting on the railroad-bridge far up the main street.

But I suppose I'll find them soon enough, and I mean, the stereotype football-supporters are definitely there, and I think they are quite weird. I do. Speaking of weird there is also a primary school near us and all these first graders are walking alone to school - which is fine, but it hit me how small they are. I mean, this might seem like an outrage to you, but - children are tiny! They really are! I don't know at what point I was supposed to realize - because as a child I always thought grown-ups were so enormous - and obviously I am one of them now. But it just hasn't quite set previously.

I remember as a child whenever I was with my dads side of the family who are all part American or American - or Norwegian and they would often speak English to each other. I guess sometimes you can just express yourself a lot better in English, but I was always frightened when they were talking over my head like that, I never told anyone but I was convinced they were plotting to eat me. I was actually really scared.

That's a way growing up, huh? Later I have discovered that they usually just say uninteresting things when talking above the childrens heads anyway, well - at least not half as interesting as it would be if they were planning to eat someone.
The clouds from the car.
Efterklang at Chateau Neuf, it was lovely.
Shared two buckets of beer with Ulrik.
Random grafitti about the bird flu.

Hai hai

I need to show you something, okay? It's a drawing that Tink's made a long time ago and it's genius. Really. You have to check it out in her blog http://fishinmyshoe.blogspot.com/2009/10/just-for-tora.html

It's extreme sweetness.

In other news, not much to show, not a lot of furniture either. Done schoolwork mostly, gone shopping in mysterious and dingy grocery-shops all around the neighbourhood of school and I've been walking to school every day. I'm still looking for the turkish delights of such scrumptious proportions as those in Narnia. Actually I did find the website of the (uncredited) producers of the Turkish Delight which Edmund eats in the film (The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe). However it appears that attempting to get those to Norway from either New Zealand or the states seem pretty hopeless. But I did find some massive Turkish Delights filled with walnuts and covered with coconut that you can barely eat one of - and they were awesome. Really different from everything else we stuff in our face.
Houses down the road, such beautiful and bright colours, there are purple and baby blue and orange ones too!
That is the stalks of a turnip, or a nepe actually sticking out of an empty tea-cup. I couldn't find a good word for it in English. But it is a root-vegetable related to the turnip, it might be called rutabaga, who knows?
That is a tree near our summerhouse.
These are the woods surrounding the summerhouse. Early in the morning.

Breakfast in bed!

Actually we're currently eating every single meal in bed. It sounds more fun than it is, but we try to make the best of it.

We're getting help all around and everyone's been so wonderful. The bathroom is coming together and we almost have everything we need in the kitchen, well - except for a dining table, and a casserole we could make Fårikål in. Yum. It's cheap you know, cabbages are like 2,- pr. kilo. Today is laundry day, we're gonna clean our new bedsheets and the dirty clothes we have. Really would like to get a few shelves in, everything we own is in boxes!

The sun shines through our window in the morning and also bathes the kitchen in warmth, which is nice. It is important to remember to appreciate those rays as when winter comes we wont see it that much. We're trying to get more familiar with the neighbourhood, we have several shops and a post office just around the corner. The busstop is really near too, and if we're late we can take it to school instead of walking. It only takes like five minutes on the bus, and we'll be downtown in about seven! I'm so pleased, I really like this place, it still feels like I'm on holiday though, but I'll probably get used to it eventually!
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