I seen you

Now, I don't mean to suck all the fun out of your prunes, honey. But we're losing it and you need to face the facts. The thing is here that you can't keep on ignoring whats going on around you. It's been going on for way too long, you've been starting to feel it, it's creeping in from the sides like a macaroon in a jelly. Just admit it. I know - it's difficult to explain, but obviously you do know what I'm talking about here, so let's just get to the point.

It's getting cold you berk! You need to put scarves on, and gloves! I seen you, don't you think I haven't - hoisting up your skimpy, transparent little outfits like a bagel in a glove. Scamping about like a cucumber on stalks with wings, actually not like that, different, but the same. Use your brains or you'll be sucking that thermometer like mama's nipple. Stay out of the cold unless you're gonna shape up, yeah?

This has gone too far!


Skjalg said...

Ut på joggetur med deg!

Da holder du varmen og holder deg "in shape" samtidig!

win win?

Audun said...

Og du blir andpusten, så du slipper å snakke så mye :p

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