Buchanan's Fairtrade Assorted Toffees Review

Today I am reviewing these fabulous Scottish hard fairtrade toffees. And when I say hard, I mean hard. When you manage to get through, they become the kind of chewy variety that has you going for a good five minutes and then for a good week picking it out of your teeth. Yum!

The treacle toffee has a dark, burnt colour which reflects in its enticing and seductive treacle taste. It diverts from a toasty sweetness to the fruity delight of brown sugar. It's not an instant hit, quite an aquired taste, but the lovely sticky texture and the waves of flavour makes it an interesting and worthwhile experience.

The Rum & butter toffee has a light, pale toffee colour and a similarly light rum flavour. The butter, however, is drastically more present and introduces a wall of fatty, creamy, mouth-filling flavours. I liked it, I did, couldn't have too many of them though, and disappointed in the pathetic lack of rum.

Similarly, the coconut toffe had that very light golden, pale toffee colour - but smelled rich and heavy of coconut shampoo. But as with the rum - there simply wasn't enough nuttiness, the butter came in like a donkey in a poncho - stealing the entire show. Butter, butter, butter - though rich and creamy, not so nutty. It was o-kay.

The Devon Toffee is also light in colour and has a mild, buttery vanilla scent. These features are definitely reflected in the flavour as not only is the vanilla protruding, it bathes in the butter until it has a bright, almost fruity flavour. Don't get me wrong, because this is still a heavy toffee, but its mosaic of sweet vanilla flavour makes it very sophisticated.

The Mint Toffee smells like a bright peppermint and has that same, light and pale toffee colour. The flavour is very fresh for being captured in butter-hell, and though the sweetness is overpowering, the mint cuts through beautifully. This is an interesting symbiosis that works... I think, even though it occasionally has a slight resemblance of toothpaste.

The Butter Toffee has a mellow, rich and sweet smell, it is hard to catch but, when you do - it is like walking in to a candy store and being overwhelmed by how sweet a scent can be. The flavour is, not surprisingly - very buttery. Every time you chew it is like the warm, buttery juices are being massaged into your mouth. Unforgivably rich, it will sink your ship like the kraken on drugs. I am not exaggerating. This toffee seriously takes butter to the next level, and we pray we never have to go any further than that.

The Licorice Toffee is pitch black with an upbeat licorice smell. In fact, both the scent and the taste is so fresh it is almost fennel-like in its buttery licorice-fusion. This sounds weird, I know, and it is weird, but it really works. This is a delicious toffee that explodes with interesting flavour and I enjoyed every second of it. One of the best ones.

For some reason the Treacle Toffee and the Licorice Toffee really struck the right chord with me, they were weird, I agree. But they were also both delicious in an original way. This bag of funky toffee shouldn't be what you hand out to the kiddies trick or treating this weekend, they certainly wont like it.

I'd recommend you these if you enjoy your toffee, but don't fret if it's a bit weird and different. I'll always want to try things I haven't tried before, and though I doubt I will try them again, at least I enjoyed them while they lasted, and there's still some left if you want some too. Have a great weekend!


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