Keep dreaming of the dogs

I miss the dogs soo bad. How people can live without them at all.

IIh, and my jaw hurts so bad! It even hurts to talk and eat, my two favourite things! It's that darn tooth growing through my gums, I can see why babies have a strong need to inform everyone about their pain. Uaah!

But anyway, that doesn't really matter, a bit of warm water and some wok sorts it out for a bit. And anyway I don't really have the time to think of teeth when NaNoWriMo starts on monday and I still have no clue what to write about. To save time and energy I might have to take one of my previous stories and just rewrite it. But how dull is that? Any ideas? Sci-fi was excellent fun last year, but I don't really think it is my genre as I had to research a lot - and seeing it's NaNo - there's no time to! Anybody else joining this year? 30 days of literary abandon? It is magical, I'm freaking out and looking forward to it at the same time.

OOooh, and on friday it's Halloween, what'cha all going to dress up as? I dreamt I had the best idea ever and I was so relieved, but I've forgotten what it was so I'm back to square one again. Iih. But we have a party to see to on Friday and we definitely have to go out on Saturday as well, I love dressing up - Halloween is like my second Christmas!

And Sigrid is coming home from Singapore for a brief encounter (read: brunch) at my mums place on Saturday - whiii! And on Sunday I'm going to do absolutely nothing. Maybe I'll go for a walk up to the church, it's lovely there, all the autumn colours, and then go vegetate in our sofa with a blanket and just relax for once. Odds are - it wont happen. Not a chance. But I don't really mind, we can rest in the grave!

Look at Ulla, look how small she is! My, has she grown fast!


Axel said...

Dette var et hyggelig innlegg! Sees på lørdag!

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