Oh! Before I go!

I finished my art course today. Just me and my awesome teacher, but I'm allowed to call it a class, right?
Anyway, I'm officially an artist now that I can say "painted with acrylic on canvas" - how about that? sounds pro, doesn't it?

I'm leaving tomorrow! Iih the excitement!
We'll be in touch sir, sure we will :D

So long suckers

Summer came to Norway with a huge BANG. And with a similar terrific BANG, I shall leave Norway and aim for Italy!

I will have a tan and lots of freckles, my hair will be more blonde and my english worse. I will be fat, harassed and utterly pleased when I return.

Which will also be just in time to celebrate my birthday!

Enjoy your life until then, I'll see if I can sneak into an internet cafe and write you a poem much like this:






and they say I'm not an artist.

Anyway, I will miss j00 <3


Summer in Norway is something really special.
We appreciate it so much because of our long, tough winter, so when summer comes in Norway, it is always so welcome. It's never really very warm, somewhere between 17-27 C normally, though can sneak down to about 15 or up to 30!

The best thing about summer is the ocean. You can go swimming and your skin and hair can taste of salt. Dressed up in hideous, colourful summer dresses, you can pick blueberries or wild raspberries, even those tiny little strawberries that taste so sweet.

Afterwards you can go for a walk in the forest, along the pine trees and tall weeds, trip and skin your knee, but it wont matter, because it's summer and you're all happy, and not even rain could make you cry.
Later on the day you can have a bbq, eat great food then roast marshmellows and toss them at each other. After dinner you'll get eaten by mosquitoes as you sit in the bright summer night and look at the ocean. Listen to the waves and the crackling of a campfire.

If you're up real late you can see the stars.

When you go to sleep your bed will always be full of sand. But the dreams in summer are always the best. Lightly sunburnt and very full, you'll wonder if you were ever that pleased about your life before.

From my cabin in the Oslofjord.

I'm not a bad blogger

You see, I have read them all.

Every last one of them.

They are filled to the brim with lousy excuses these bloggers. On why they haven't updated, why bla bla and bla. But really, that is not why I read a blog, I'm not interested in hearing why a person HAVE NOT updated, I think an UPDATE in itself would be a lot more interesting.

But really, even though I'm not updating my blog, that doesn't make me a bad blogger. Because this is a really good blog, it updates itself, it is, in fact, not me, writing this right here, it is my (slightly more superior) evil computer genius clone.

And just how could that be possible? A blog that updates itself you say? No, no in fact, you didn't say it, I did. And unless your eyes have ears in them that are capable of putting symbols stacked together into mouthwords (in which case I bow to you, higher being, you are still alive after looking at a newspaper) you did in fact, not hear me (or you) say that this blog updates itself.

THOUGH, that doesn't make it any less true, because things that have not been said, or that remains to be said, or that might never be said at all, but just carefully, written down, somewhere secret can in fact be both true, and important.

Like a declaration of love, between Peter and Sarah, silently written on the back of a toilet seat on a train station in Eastern Norway.

But even if Peter, or Sarah, intended to write it, but never did. don't make them bad people. They should be telling each other about their attraction instead of writing it on the back of a toilet seat. It is very irrelevant for my existence about their affairs and those words should then be better of somewhere else, where they would be necessary.

Close to what I'm doing right now, I could just as might have told this to my dog and the amount of interest I would receive would be the same as what I give Peter and Sarah.

So for now I could just ask you, to please stay silent.

Evil genius computer geek clone is at work.

Oh! Did I say evil?....

I like the orange glow.

But not the irritating noises
Made by myself!

Now, over to a slightly more serious note. I am still delicatly refining the edges of my "Skies" project, should be done in a couple of years, no worries.

BUT, my next animated genius film, called "Fire the Rocket" has come to a sudden, brutal end! Oh yes, my mind is stuck.
First two scenes have been shot, and I need some feedback.
Tha issues:
- sound/music through the entire animation
- ending (!!)

Small summary: A red gardener plants a little seed in his garden. While away, this seed grows to a huge, disgusting rocket salad monster (made with real salad - woot). When the red gardener is inside making his supper, flashes of this monster appear in the mirror, the lights go out and the gardener slowly leaves the room, terrified. He turns the light back on and sit in his kitchen, wide eyes open, to wait for the monster. When morning arrives he's exhausted and falls asleep....

so, some more scray movie cliche stuff will happen, with a climax on a face to face fight(?) between the monster and the gardener. From there on though, I'm torn over all my different ideas, but I was a good girl and cut it down to two different potential endings:
1. The main character and the garden rocket salad monster makes up and become friends. Happy ending, lovely, bla bla
2. The garden rocket salad monster destrys everything (leaves the screen with an evil grin and some nasty laughter!) dramatic and unoriginal.


a pleasure as always

We meet again.

Nice to meet you, have a good day.

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