Summer in Norway is something really special.
We appreciate it so much because of our long, tough winter, so when summer comes in Norway, it is always so welcome. It's never really very warm, somewhere between 17-27 C normally, though can sneak down to about 15 or up to 30!

The best thing about summer is the ocean. You can go swimming and your skin and hair can taste of salt. Dressed up in hideous, colourful summer dresses, you can pick blueberries or wild raspberries, even those tiny little strawberries that taste so sweet.

Afterwards you can go for a walk in the forest, along the pine trees and tall weeds, trip and skin your knee, but it wont matter, because it's summer and you're all happy, and not even rain could make you cry.
Later on the day you can have a bbq, eat great food then roast marshmellows and toss them at each other. After dinner you'll get eaten by mosquitoes as you sit in the bright summer night and look at the ocean. Listen to the waves and the crackling of a campfire.

If you're up real late you can see the stars.

When you go to sleep your bed will always be full of sand. But the dreams in summer are always the best. Lightly sunburnt and very full, you'll wonder if you were ever that pleased about your life before.

From my cabin in the Oslofjord.


Darkness visible said...

I have to say, your life sounds so much better than mine.

Foss said...

Summer in Norway sounds lovely. And you'll be spending most of yours in Italy! Hah! :p

Tora said...

yesh yesh, leaving tomorrow!



Anonymous said...

Well, I don't know when you get back so I ordered your birthday present last week. Hope you get it before you leave!
Foss (can't remember my password!) x

Tora said...

I got it today!


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