I like the orange glow.

But not the irritating noises
Made by myself!

Now, over to a slightly more serious note. I am still delicatly refining the edges of my "Skies" project, should be done in a couple of years, no worries.

BUT, my next animated genius film, called "Fire the Rocket" has come to a sudden, brutal end! Oh yes, my mind is stuck.
First two scenes have been shot, and I need some feedback.
Tha issues:
- sound/music through the entire animation
- ending (!!)

Small summary: A red gardener plants a little seed in his garden. While away, this seed grows to a huge, disgusting rocket salad monster (made with real salad - woot). When the red gardener is inside making his supper, flashes of this monster appear in the mirror, the lights go out and the gardener slowly leaves the room, terrified. He turns the light back on and sit in his kitchen, wide eyes open, to wait for the monster. When morning arrives he's exhausted and falls asleep....

so, some more scray movie cliche stuff will happen, with a climax on a face to face fight(?) between the monster and the gardener. From there on though, I'm torn over all my different ideas, but I was a good girl and cut it down to two different potential endings:
1. The main character and the garden rocket salad monster makes up and become friends. Happy ending, lovely, bla bla
2. The garden rocket salad monster destrys everything (leaves the screen with an evil grin and some nasty laughter!) dramatic and unoriginal.



Foss said...

Go for irony (ie salad eats man) and break the fourth wall (get it to destroy the camera and junk).

You should be the fucking president!

Tora said...

mhm mhm. I'm a sucker for happy endings. Man this will be tough. Alright, good idea, I'll take that as far as it goes!

As for now, there's an outdoor concert where the Finnish Eurovision contributors (aka the winners, zomg lordi) are playing! WOOOOT, me is going.

Darkness visible said...

You're going to see Lordi?!? Nice!

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