Last year, in Australia

I dug a hole in the ground about the size of a small man!

Just look how pleased I am in the end :D


"Er du helt loka?"
"Are you completely loka?"

Loke - the name of the nordic half-God, son of Farbauti and Laufey. After mixing his blood with the God-King Odin he gets magical powers. He is therefore allowed to live together with the other Gods.

BUT, he is also the most annoying person these Gods have ever seen. Loke causes chaos and jealousy among the Gods. Especially the time he brings home a strange creature called Quark, just to make the life of the Gods miserable. So it goes, on and on. Imagine Loke as a joker, he just can't ever give it a rest. Even if he was, people wouldn't trust him, and from there have the question of "what are you loking with?" come, that means "what are you plannng on/what are you up to?" etc.

So walking around planning to do something or simply just hanging around is called "to loke around".
So from there again, my generation have evolved this into "Are you completely loka?" (are you far off/far out/crazy/stupid/wandering around pointlessly/completely bonkers/nutcase etc etc). The good thing about it is that you can use it in any context, simply because it doesn't really mean anything in particular. You can sort of grant it the meaning you want it to have!


Was in Sweden and bought a pop named "Loka" leading to series of very very stupid jokes.

In for a read?

I'm currently doing some heavy Rehab from World of Warcraft, and I have nothing to do.
So for you few chickens that might love fictions, here's my contribution:


*You are hit by wall of text*

Robbie Williams, Intensive Care.

Since I was 7 years I've been an admiring fan of Robbie Williams. Last year he released his newest album called Intensive care. I think the level of disappointment wasn't as bad as it should have been. Seeing I'm past a kind of "worshipping" relationship to his music, I'm easier to impress, more now than ever.

But he didn't seize that chance. Never before has he cooked up an album so full of tame and unsparkly music, it's like flat, piss-temperatured beer. You think it sucks trying to swallow it down, but your body just keeps on repressing it and forces it out of your system, making you go through the pain and discomfort once again.

Personally I hate it when people so ruthlessly slaughter an album like this. But he has left me with no choice. This is the shittiest thing he has ever delivered and ranges far from old classics like "Me and my monkey" or "Somewhere beyond the sea". Even "Jesus in a Camper Van" seems more tempting. And his sparkling enthusiasm in "Man Machine" must've disappeared from the surface of the earth, as it's not even present on this album.

The ONLY thing he left me with, this heartless bastard, is his ever-as wonderful lyrics. He could, however, have spared himself from the swearing, he has never before have had to fully turn to that to give his sentences an extra "edge". His songs have previously been more than capable to make a statement without that much verbal abuse.

I suggest he goes back to chain-smoking and heavier alcoholic habits, because sad as it is, artists seem to function a lot better under those conditions. Like, WTF Robbie?! WTF?! Like Fatboy bloody Slim says so well in Star 69:
"What the fuck?
They know what is what,
But they don't know what is what,
They just strut.

What the fuck?!"

His recent music sucks, but he's the one butt-naked next to Gisele...


From the Dec/Jan 2003 cover of ONE WORLD magazine.

I was recently reading through the mens magazine called Arena (August issue), and found an extremely interesting article about terrorism. It was called "No sex please, we're terrorists", and had an in depth description of connections between sexual repression and muslim extremist suicide bombers.

It was written in a very humourus fashion, seeing this of course was just a theory, but there were a set of a few very good quotes.
The best of them was a quote by Walid Shoebat, a reformed Palestinian terrorist who aborted a bombing mission on an Israeli bank in 1978 and has since converted to Christianity. He has (according to Arena) spoken at length about the role sexual frustration plays in driving young men into the suicidal combat favoured by Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

"I believed totally that there would be 72 virgins waiting for me in paradise if I died in a martyrdom operation" he says. "Those 72 virgins with wide eyes who wanted only me, became more real to me than girls of my own age who I could hardly ever see, never mind talk to.
Getting any of those 72 became a kind of obsession. The idea of limitless, perfect sex after death can be overwhelmingly desirable for a boy who is desperate to lose his virginity and cannot see any other way to do it. You should not laugh. This desire is not a joke. It is real, and it exercises tremendous power over the minds of young adolescent muslims."...

In addition to having a cover (covered - ha ha) with the fit body of the famous Brazilian model Gisele, there were a quite few good articles. Especially this one, I couldn't find it online, or else I would've linked it to you. But it definitely contained a set of very interesting theories.


My siblings and I were all baptised(!) with old nordic names.

My Sister, Sigrid (means Seierfager ~ Victoryfair)
My brother, Skjalg (means Skjeløyd/Skjev ~ Crosseyed/bent)
My younger brother, Torstein (means Tordenstein ~ Thunderstone)
And my name, Tora (means Torden ~ Thunder)

These are the old Norwegian meanings of our names, and neither of them are really common in Norway, Torstein is the most common of them. Sigrid is the name of all old women above 88+ and Tora is quite rare, and also Japanese for Tiger.

Skjalg, on the other hand, is just fucking funny and there are like three other people in the entire country named this.


It's so bright!

Since I had in such a rude way simply stolen a blog-name, I figured I'd change it.

Yes, again.

I know I know! I'll most likely change it a fourth time, but at least we have some sort of temporary solution! I was just going to change the name slightly, but then I downloaded a very handy paint program called Rita for Mac, see? And then I just got carried away with a header and changed the whole of it, the layout and everything!

As a tiny warning: My html-skills equal to the life quality of something boiled up behind an old fridge, this site will most likely crash. And she meant crash. Perhaps even into a huge pile of smelly pudding that will cry and squeal in thunderous whimpers and soaring wails.

Well well, anyway, I sure hope this is

ai ai ai, caramba.

I'm peeling my manicure off in disgrace.

Because seeing I just quit World of Warcraft, I'm getting enough time on my hands to resume other activities, such as manicures, for example, or drawing. But then, another time killing interest came to mind and I started thinking (not a good idea kids, don't do it at home).

And I realised:
That I'm the biggest copycat on the planet! - when renaming this blog from "Chickmonster" to "I eat whales" I stole the name of the (let me humbly add) awesome blog Eatfoss!! Liek - wtf?!! Name eater!

I'll change it, I promise, in return of my grueful actions I'll post you a pic of what happened when I was at the beach topless on Friday and getting my tits wildly sunburnt! (now they're pink!) eek!

Just see for yourself:

Look at that! PINK! I have to sleep on my back now! And I can't wear a bra!


So it's summer, it's summer in Oslo. The weather is absolutely smashing, but there is no people around...

Where have all the people gone? The city is close to empty!

Of course my dear friend, have they all escaped to "Sørlandet" (this means southernland).
No, not southern europe like some do, we mean southern Norway!
Here the weather is warmer and the days are long and awesome. People live in whitewashed houses, inside they put all the ugly furniture they'd never dream of having in their homes, but in a cabin ("hytte") these disgusting interior creations are "cozy", "have a certain charm" or whatever silly excuse people make for not throwing things out.

So what you need would be a little kitchen without a dishwasher, since doing the dishes is "a part of living away from civilization" which is on every Norwegians top ten list of best things to do.
You need a livingroom with woolen sofas that sting to sit on, all placed neatly around a tiny table where you kill time by playing cards or board games. Like Monopoly, Settlers, Ludo, Stigespillet or Hatt over hatt.
Bedrooms, if you're lucky you have just about not enough bedspace, so someone have to sleep in a tent or on the itchy sofa. The beds also have to be old, with very thin and flat matresses that gather little pools of sand in the middle of them, preferably they have flowery sheets.

Toilet, now this is the best part. The toilet musn't be in a direct connection with the rest of the house. This toilet must be about 1 sqm, tops 2-3 sqmeters of smelly smelly wooden floor and a bench with a carved out hole to poo in. It's wise to place this "facility" as far away from the "hytte" as possible. (If you have a path with stones you can trip over when going there at night, that makes just a fine bonus).
Of course you must NOT install any lights or other "modern" installations that can make going to the loo easier. You'd rather trip around in the dark until you find a smelly little house, stumble inside and pee all over your shoes.

THEN, you know for sure you've made your "hytte" right, and you can with pride call yourself a true Norwegian.

I picked berries from the garden(!)

My Birthday!

At Diesel store in Rome there was a pair of shoes I absolutely adored, and seeing I had already spent so much money and I really didn't need this pair of shoes, I didn't buy them. I didn't buy them even though they were on 50%!


My sister did! She gave them to me for my birthday! <3 Happihappi! So, so far I've received these lovely presents:
Under The Iron Sea [Limited Edition] [CD+DVD]!

These awesome shoes!

And now a little Norwegian treat :D
How to count to TEN in Norwegian
1. En as in Energy
2. To as in Toblerone
3. Tre as in Tree
4. Fire as in Fair
5. Fem as in Feminine
6. Seks as in sex
7. Syv as in Sieve
8. Åtte as in Otter
9. Ni as in knee
10. Ti as in Tea

Post number ninety

Hello. you.

This is my post number 90! I've been posting shit in this blog since November, and sometime around april I also sort of "specialized" this blog a bit more about Norway, the country in which I live in! So, thank you spanky, for humping along since then! Respect.

In addition I'm back from Italy, and I looked like this when I left, and now I look like this.

now, just relax, that's what Jesus would do

- glimpse from"sin sin sin" by Robbie Williams overheard by myself when in Italy.
I'll tell you all about it later :D Tomorrow is my birthday, I'll be 17! Woot!
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