My siblings and I were all baptised(!) with old nordic names.

My Sister, Sigrid (means Seierfager ~ Victoryfair)
My brother, Skjalg (means Skjeløyd/Skjev ~ Crosseyed/bent)
My younger brother, Torstein (means Tordenstein ~ Thunderstone)
And my name, Tora (means Torden ~ Thunder)

These are the old Norwegian meanings of our names, and neither of them are really common in Norway, Torstein is the most common of them. Sigrid is the name of all old women above 88+ and Tora is quite rare, and also Japanese for Tiger.

Skjalg, on the other hand, is just fucking funny and there are like three other people in the entire country named this.



Kida said...

I saw a book written by a guy named Skjalg

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