It's so bright!

Since I had in such a rude way simply stolen a blog-name, I figured I'd change it.

Yes, again.

I know I know! I'll most likely change it a fourth time, but at least we have some sort of temporary solution! I was just going to change the name slightly, but then I downloaded a very handy paint program called Rita for Mac, see? And then I just got carried away with a header and changed the whole of it, the layout and everything!

As a tiny warning: My html-skills equal to the life quality of something boiled up behind an old fridge, this site will most likely crash. And she meant crash. Perhaps even into a huge pile of smelly pudding that will cry and squeal in thunderous whimpers and soaring wails.

Well well, anyway, I sure hope this is


Foss said...

If you want help with teh HTMLs, let me know.

On the other hand, the new layout is sex. Well done.

Tora said...

Well if I wanted an even sexier layout, I would've asked j00. But then again, it's j00r job, and I don't want you to consider things I do as a job for you, see?

And thank you!

Foss said...

Anytime, nubcake

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