From the Dec/Jan 2003 cover of ONE WORLD magazine.

I was recently reading through the mens magazine called Arena (August issue), and found an extremely interesting article about terrorism. It was called "No sex please, we're terrorists", and had an in depth description of connections between sexual repression and muslim extremist suicide bombers.

It was written in a very humourus fashion, seeing this of course was just a theory, but there were a set of a few very good quotes.
The best of them was a quote by Walid Shoebat, a reformed Palestinian terrorist who aborted a bombing mission on an Israeli bank in 1978 and has since converted to Christianity. He has (according to Arena) spoken at length about the role sexual frustration plays in driving young men into the suicidal combat favoured by Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

"I believed totally that there would be 72 virgins waiting for me in paradise if I died in a martyrdom operation" he says. "Those 72 virgins with wide eyes who wanted only me, became more real to me than girls of my own age who I could hardly ever see, never mind talk to.
Getting any of those 72 became a kind of obsession. The idea of limitless, perfect sex after death can be overwhelmingly desirable for a boy who is desperate to lose his virginity and cannot see any other way to do it. You should not laugh. This desire is not a joke. It is real, and it exercises tremendous power over the minds of young adolescent muslims."...

In addition to having a cover (covered - ha ha) with the fit body of the famous Brazilian model Gisele, there were a quite few good articles. Especially this one, I couldn't find it online, or else I would've linked it to you. But it definitely contained a set of very interesting theories.


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