ai ai ai, caramba.

I'm peeling my manicure off in disgrace.

Because seeing I just quit World of Warcraft, I'm getting enough time on my hands to resume other activities, such as manicures, for example, or drawing. But then, another time killing interest came to mind and I started thinking (not a good idea kids, don't do it at home).

And I realised:
That I'm the biggest copycat on the planet! - when renaming this blog from "Chickmonster" to "I eat whales" I stole the name of the (let me humbly add) awesome blog Eatfoss!! Liek - wtf?!! Name eater!

I'll change it, I promise, in return of my grueful actions I'll post you a pic of what happened when I was at the beach topless on Friday and getting my tits wildly sunburnt! (now they're pink!) eek!

Just see for yourself:

Look at that! PINK! I have to sleep on my back now! And I can't wear a bra!


Foss said...

in some countries, name-stealing is punishible by death.

not this one, though.

Tora said...

what country are we in again?
(just for future reference)

Foss said...

We are in Fosstralia, which is just south of Tora Bora, and west of Elingland.

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