"Er du helt loka?"
"Are you completely loka?"

Loke - the name of the nordic half-God, son of Farbauti and Laufey. After mixing his blood with the God-King Odin he gets magical powers. He is therefore allowed to live together with the other Gods.

BUT, he is also the most annoying person these Gods have ever seen. Loke causes chaos and jealousy among the Gods. Especially the time he brings home a strange creature called Quark, just to make the life of the Gods miserable. So it goes, on and on. Imagine Loke as a joker, he just can't ever give it a rest. Even if he was, people wouldn't trust him, and from there have the question of "what are you loking with?" come, that means "what are you plannng on/what are you up to?" etc.

So walking around planning to do something or simply just hanging around is called "to loke around".
So from there again, my generation have evolved this into "Are you completely loka?" (are you far off/far out/crazy/stupid/wandering around pointlessly/completely bonkers/nutcase etc etc). The good thing about it is that you can use it in any context, simply because it doesn't really mean anything in particular. You can sort of grant it the meaning you want it to have!


Was in Sweden and bought a pop named "Loka" leading to series of very very stupid jokes.


Foss said...

It's no coincidence that your name and loka share 50% of the letters.

Wivyx said...

I've actually never connected [i]Loke[/i] to the verb we're using.

And I agree with Foss. :)

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