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Don't forget Earth Hour today at 8:30 p.m. (your own local time!)

Today I've had almost an entire carton of Innocent mango and passionfruit smoothie - though Suzanne had a little bit too. I think smoothie might be one of the best things ever, seriously. It's so incredibly delicious and this one was so thick it was almost creamy (like Bailey's - mm, creamy!) but i mean there are loads of things that are nice to drink.

-- Like ice-cold Norwegian tap water! Mm! Seriously, it's possibly the best beverage out there. In a way it is almost worth it to visit Norway just to have a nice big, dewy glass of refreshing tap water. Yum. We have the best water in the world.

The texture and appearance of water has actually always fascinated me. It's so weird that something so powerful and heavy can be see-through like air - or that it can smell like nothing, and feel so different depending on the temperature of it. Oh! And that it can be hard as ice, soft like snow or just untagible as steam! Also I love the sound of running water, the light tinkling and the calm rythm of it - or the sound of it being poured out of a bottle in glugs. That's such a wonderful sound!

The thing about drinks is that it has (just like food) developed from being just thirst-quenchers - actually some have even completely deranged from being so - to become symbols of social status, objects of fashion - reflecting our inner self. When "Sex & The City" hit its peak - everybody drunk cosmopolitan. Or when Bond in "Casino Royale" differed from his usual choice of shaken martini and ordered a new drink (called a Vesper). Which according to the film is made like this: "Three measures of Gordon's (gin), one of vodka, half a measure of Kina Lillet. Shake it very well until it's ice-cold, then add a large thin slice of lemon-peel". - The sales figures for Kina Lillet shot through the roof.

It is no longer considered high fashion to drink Coca Cola, in some circumstances I bet it's even looked down upon (not where I hang out). What's in the 'now', then? Organic? Without additives? One of your 'five a day'? No, wait, it's 'good for you' - isn't it? Silly? Yes I think so. But it is ever so much part of our life as consumers as of any other aspect of our lifestyle. We always do unhealthy things to our body - eat things we know are not good for us - smoke, drink alcohol, vanity surgery, you know. It's not necessarily because the brands and manufacturers are shouting at us from every angle, or that we do it because we know it'a unhealthy - right? We (in most part, I would think) do these things because it tastes good, or makes us feel good.

And we allow ourselves to be manipulated on this part, like I would buy almost anything that looks good, I know that - I'm weak. We like to be surrounded by things that please us, it's only natural. What surprises me then - is that people would make their choice out of guilt. Choose the sugar free alternative "even though it doesn't taste as good" or buy the organic option "despite the fact that the colour is a bit off". Like, hey! What happened? We should be responsible, I really think that we should. We should take adult decisions that reflect what we think is the mature, sustainable thing to do. We should not be made puppets of the average opinion, and live life based on what others tell us to do. Organic products aren't even good for the environment - least of all sustainable! We should rather choose because we - ourselves - truly believe it is the right thing to do by our own, free will. And this is hard, because we are subconciously brainwashed by the opinions of 'the world in general'. So what is the right choice then?

If we think the unhealthy option is right, then just chooce this treat less often, and rather do and eat, wear and drink the things we really like without feeling bad about it. Nothing makes life worth living like a bit of sin in between all the good-doing. And that's because life is just like a box of chocolates, by each bite we get fatter and fatter, but we still drink Bailey's - because it's mMm, creamy!

It's TIME!

Just a quick reminder. Tomorrow -- Saturday March 28th at 8:30 p.m. wherever you live on earth - is Earth Hour. Turn your lights off for an hour to show you care about our planet!

On Saturday morning you also have to set your watch one hour ahead! Don't forget!

You have got to be kidding!

Through my new favourite website www.rcrdlbl.com - I have discovered some new music that might potentially blow your mind. Like, really. So yes -- it's another music post, sorry - just bare with me!

Seb Leon is actually releasing an album that's called "Cranes of Glitter". Do I need to say more? - I'll say it anyway! --- I flippin love cranes! And glitter! We were definitely made for each other from the start! How delightful. At least I love the track called Backwards, and I'm happily working my way through the rest. I strictly encourage you to give it a listen. It's careless, soul'y and kind of energizing in a mysterious way that I can't really seem to figure out!

This song is for my electronic siblings. See The Light (Calvin Harris Vocal Remix) by The Hours. It's weird! It's Cassius meeting Benjamin Diamond meeting something different - Bent, perhaps? A bit trance-ish, but with heavy, delicious house elements. if this doesn't make you want to dance - seriously, what will?! Love it! The ultimate accessory for any vorspiel (explanation).

Then one of my own discoveries - which is Delphic. Album expected April 14th -- flowery, repetitive electronica with smooth, beautiful male vocals. Absolutely awesome! Their track Counterpart goes great for anyone feeling happy - or anyone feeling sad, likely to accellerate (or exacerbate) either of these emotions. Probably the reason why I love electronica so much - it's capable of anything in its own, bittersweet way. And unlike a lot of the music I listen to, this grew on me instantly, like happy-cancer.

It's cloudy here. Cleo is recovering a little too quickly I think, it is as if she hasn't had any surgery at all! Excellent news though. She's getting along so great. My dancing shoes are tickling by the way, I don't think it was a good idea to serial-repeat all this great house and trance music all day. Might have to go see Dimitri From Paris on the night to May 1st. to dance off the worst of it. Especially seeing there might be no trip to Ibiza this year :( Oh well! I guess that's a problem I can work off quite easily though, really!


The term Vorspiel is derived directly from the German word "vorspiel" (yes, I did say directly) meaning foreplay (actually) so it is misinterpretated. It is a Nordic term (widely used in Norway as just "vors" (pronounced "Fores")) for pre-party. 

The vorspiel is the opposite thing of an after-party (naschpiel/nasch). A gathering of the people going out (or to a party (usually not too many people)) getting suitably drunk together. A vors is  usually held at a private place, like hiding in your parents bathroom with your parents stolen liqour at the age of 14, in a roundabout by the gas station with a couple of ciders at 16, in a comfortable basement with some beer and punch at 18, in your friends new condo with a short black dress and champagne at 20 - I guess. A vorspiel can be anything. Elin and I usually have make-up vorspiels, we show up raggedy and play loud, brilliant music while getting dressed, sipping some battery or red bull and putting make-up on. It's great, really.

Vorspiel is so common in Norway because going out is so incredibly expensive. Alcohol in general is - but especially out on the town, so getting drunk before you go to the actual party or club or concert has proven economic and praises the works of Darwin. There's almost always some chick too drunk to ever leave the vorspiel at all, which keeps the weakest off the market - unless their friends are significantly strong and/or determined, obviously. 

This is an important factor to scandinavian nightlife and so a major thing to most Norwegians, which is why I thought you should know! But if you still don't understand, I'll give it to you in pictures:

Naschpiel: (After-Party, look - it's morning already!)

Vorspiel: (Pre-Party, though this is actually THE party, but you get my point)
See the difference?


I wonder how often we end up doing something by choice - only later to get that pressing feeling that "it all just happened so fast". Our perception of a situation definitely changes over time. I know of a moment I have felt like a complete idiot - in retrospect I have replayed every annoying second over and over in my head - but when I have mentioned that particular idiotic situation later, I have been praised for my actions. Gah! I know! We poison our own memory, don't we?

We are too hard on ourselves. Especially Norwegians I'd say. We often get complexes on how we appear to others because standing out of the crowd isn't considered "safe". We got shops here called "Blend" - because to blend in is a good thing. We undermine our ability to be unique (both in appearance) and in qualities. We think we have to be good at everything and look like a supermodel. The result is that we get depressed on how average we look and our skills seem - because we don't ace every subject and get laid every fortnight. That's because people aren't like that, we're bound to be restricted in some areas because we're not wonderwoman! (Not all of us, Sigrid). And it may sound like an excuse to underachieve - but actually it should rather be an inspiration to really gleam and be confident about the things we know how to do.

If Norwegians got better at clearing their (our) throat and step up and show what they (we) can do - well, I am sure at least some Americans would feel momentarily impressed, even intimidated. And even though being confident is often misconcepted as being supercilious and arrogant - there's a middle way. It is actually possible to act like you know what you're doing in a convincing and enriching way without being a bitch about it.

We let opportunities slip by "so quickly" I think, because we think it is wrong to be better than others. What truly is wrong though, is to be as bad as everyone else. So don't let yourself be kept down in fear of people raising their brow at you, especially not if you are going to hate yourself for it later.

Lighter than air

Everything is like a sugar high right now. My chest feels like it's so full of happiness it might explode! It's been so long since I've felt like this. I have felt sporadically happy the last few months - I have, but nothing like this. Not even comparable!

If you want to feel something similar I suggest you go listen to The Black Kids. Senseless, shameless happiness! Truly. Canned. Keep in handy for when you need some summer essence. Even though their music - and the glorious sunlight outside (and the fact that I babysat tonight and we made purple, turquoise and golden - glittery, feathery chickens for easter for hours) provides me with a great amount of happiness - I owe my current mood to the people I hang out with. Everything just seems so great at the moment. So, thank you!

I played the piano a little, and I "made" a song that I've called St. Prozac, it's quite short though, and I can't remember much of how to read notes so I just remember it in my head and in my fingers. That's quite incredible though, I think - that people are still able to create "new" music, at this pace - every melody should have been invented already. Pretty amazing. This world would suck so much without music. Speaking of which - I'm going to Roskilde this summer! Whoop! Yay! Forgive me for the complete lack of logic in this post. Here follows a list of books I have to read:

A Thousand Splendid Suns
The Da Vinci Code
The Inheritance Cycle (Eragon, Eldest and Brisingr)
The God Delusion
A Suitable Boy (both of them monstrous books)

My point precisely - Good night!

Cleo! Darling!

A Rottweiller doesn't usually get old. Our dog is the best dog in the world. She has the shiniest fur and the most contageous smile, sometimes she wags her tail and sneezes at you. She's the one a home that is always happy to see you! Isn't that quite something?

She turned 10 on March 8th, I'm considering every day extra as a gift - borrowed time. While she doesn't seem old, or behave maturly at all, she probably hasn't got long. Cleo was at the doctor today, for surgery (again). It has been some time since last, but again they removed some kind of bump that I found when scratching her tummy (which she loves a lot). She's out of surgery now, still a little confused from the haze of drugs, but she's getting better. I bet she'll be her usual self by tonight - at least by tomorrow morning!

I can't believe how grateful I am for having "grown up" alongside such a beautiful person as Cleo. It seems surreal that she - like everyone - will be gone one day. But I'll remember her forever, and I wont start grieving until she's gone, so as far as I'm concerned, I'm thrilled and happy as long as she's still alive. Every day is a gift, that is why it is called the present.


I am at work. It has been a sunny day today, still is. The mall is light and quiet, not too cold - it's nice. I've been reading the papers, taken a few work-related calls, tidied up a bit and thought about stuff with an empty expression on my face. Though more importantly, I'm hungry.

Hunger, I think - leaves one with a pressing, gnawing feeling of restlessness. Nothing - or at least few things - can stop the creeping sensation that something is missing. My mind wanders, my eyesight goes unfocused, my brain is even more distant than usual - and I'd be satisfied eating just about anything. Candlewax, tea leaves, glue, paper - bits of wood, or maybe napkins. That's what my diet would consist of if I got locked in here. That's what I'm considering to eat right now.

The two most satisfying and delicious meals I've ever had have been those random late-night occurances when food have suddenly been presented to me unexpectedly and when I have not been able to fully realize exactly how hungry I was before I saw food. And actually both times it's been pizza. The first time was years ago when out partying with my sister in Bergen and someone behind the bar made frozen-pizzas and I was given a slice. It was a kind of sensation i have later been troubled to recollect at all. All I know is that it was wonderful. The second time was two weeks ago in a hostel bed in Germany when around midnight I split the best pizza I've ever had, with twice as much cheese as necessary - but with twice the delight.

In the end I often suspect that the media can make us want to remember less perfect moments though with more romantic credibility and forget the ones that truly leave an impression. Like in books and in movies the clichéed situations, the expensive ones gets highlighted, while the quirky situations are left unnoticed and without memory. What truly beats the romance in sharing a double mozzarella pizza on a beer infused double bed in a cold, smelly boys room late at night on a schooltrip to Germany? Watching the boats in the cold and dark at Aker Brygge during the autumn? Lying on a green sofa in the basement, listening to the same Mark Foster song over and over? Eating too much sweets - until our tummies ache and watch ridiculous machinima till late at night?

To me, I think... Nothing.

Ravenous Röyksopp

As you may be well aware of - Röyksopp have shockingly allowed their entire new album (Junior) to be heard for free on their website even though the official release date isn't until March 23rd. Pretty far out!
But on the other hand everything leaks out on the interwebs pre-release anyway-- so they might as well pretend like they approve of it. And all the fans are most likely going to purchase the album anyway (and if not - that still doesn't matter) as most their income from this release will probably be from live performances. So far I'm really falling from the track featuring Lykke Li - "Miss it So Much" it's cotton-candy sweet, an excellent tune - really. I'm not yet convinced, but I'll listen through some more while paying attention and then come back to you with a full review (if you like). 

Also a kick to prejudice in general. I am so sick of it. What is the point of judging everything by its cover? Nobody has anything to earn from it, not short term, not long term. Nothing. In fact - the most inspiring and rewarding acts are those of allowing to be influenced by new impulses, meeting new people, new cultures, new music - new ways of life. While some may have reason to be sceptical, nobody have reason enough to treat other people unfairly when they don't even know them. Just like with gays! Who people kiss or sleep with really isn't any of my business just like who I kiss and sleep with is no one elses business. So as long as I don't get judged by who I love - I wont judge anyone by the same.

I feel we have the right to be judgmental when someone is getting hurt - and sometimes the one getting judged is the victim. So when you are being judgmental, you are worse than anyone. If I catch you doing it - I wont be merciful in my verdict!

I'm hungry :<
(Illustration done in paint.net)

43,2 - and You!

I'm sure Foss get's his little bum slapped more often than this blog gets a hit (which is in this moment at average 43,2 hits per day over the past two years and eleven days). Considering that I visit this blog about thirty times a day, and sometimes I double-click the refresh button, added with the "followers" of this blog - means about 2 hits are done by random people I don't know each day. Statistically. Which is interesting. 

Who are you?

Over the course of the last four days I have had (actually quite accurately) four people whom which I had no clue even knew this blog existed - randomly express their interest for it in person. (Well, not exactly interest, more exactly their discovery of it, but you know what I mean). It always kind of freaks me out, really, honestly - I know that what I'm writing is online and that it's out there, but I rarely do take into consideration that it's actually read by someone. Or anyone except from the ones I already know reads it. It is also quite amazing because I haven't actually written anything here, have I? Not really. There isn't actually anything here, these are just words put together to make sentences - of nothing!

And when people confront me and say they have read my "stuff" (I like that word, it is fitting) it inspires me so much. It also makes me feel guilty for wasting their time by not really putting anything of actual interest into my posts - so I'm sorry for that. And if you're unhappy with the content I suggest you assign me to write about a specific topic, no problem! I am happy to fulfill your wishes. But until then I can tell you that I like the shape of eggs, it is a nice, soft kind of shape - which unlike a perfect circle - has mobility issues. Interesting.

(The illustration I did in Paint.net).

It's a TRAP!

I'm listening to Keane and it's all sunny and getting warmer and the other students are saying how lovely it is that they get to be wearing their summer shoes at last. It's still a little windy, but the snow is melting away like marshmellow in your cocoa (even though there are literally mountains of snow left in every blind alley in town). Before I make my stance I beg you to understand as I have to clarify exactly how important it is that you don't misunderstand my statements as being pessimistic on this matter. I am here talking from months, years, decades of experience on the Norwegian weather - it is not some attempt to be a grinch of summer or simply a "better-knowing" killjoy. So forgive me. But I am telling you now, in truth - I can bet my own snot on it: it's not spring.

It's a lie. It's a bluff. It is mother nature's sick, twisted sense of humour that has once again(!) tried/managed to convince us all that the long, cold winter is over. Don't fall for it please, dearest -- as you will only be disappointed. Sure it may seem warm and spring-like, and a few girls might whip their bosoms into something smaller, and flick their hair in a teasing manner. But more snow will fall, more cold will come. The only brightness we may allow ourselves to put faith in is the sunlight, and that the days will remain lighter, as they are now. Don't refrain yourself from staying positive for my sake, just when May comes and the snowflakes are dancing on your car; remember that I told you so.


I am sipping from a small glass of Bristol Cream, it is very nice. Tastes just like Zul'Gurub. It really does. Right now I feel a little out of place, it is unusually quiet here at the moment. And Sigrid has gone back to Bergen, so she nor Axel are here to entertain me :(

I think I am going to draw something, yes yes, that will make the time pass quicker!

And what are everyone's plans for easter, anyway? I hope I get to do some decorations or something this year, because I've been bad at showing any kind of initiative at that for aaaages. And I took a picture of this excellent looking thingy in Germany, real tacky, sparkly, overdone, AND disgusting. I loved it to bits you know, that's exactly the way these things are supposed to look. I know I have said this before, but frankly it really can't be said enough, when it comes to decorations for any holiday - if it is actually in taste - it's bad taste. Okay? We green, here? I really hope so.

Thank you. 

Hmm.. And dark red has always been my favourite colour, I only just realized, but it's true. The warmth, the strength and the dominating qualities of this colour has always stunned me. It's royal and alive, kind of. I'm not sure I can explain! It's just so vibrant, it could have something to do with the cold here, and that the revitalizing heat of this shade of red feels so embracing against the chill, but it's also possible that I suffer from some kind of obsession with it. You never know. Right?

I tell you about music

Got a fat load of music to run through today, mister. YESS. Love new music, I'll be mentioning these albums as follows:
Hot Chip - Made in the Dark
The Prodigy - Invaders Must Die
Vampire Weekend - Vampire Weekend
Kings of Leon - Aha Shake Heartbreak
Slumdog Millionaire Original Soundtrack
And a few recommendations in the end! So, instead of beating around the bush - here goes!

Hot Chip's deliciously beachy upbeat album is full of ballad-sweet danceable, electronic tracks. You'd be amazed at the funk of Over and Over, the heartfeltness of Boy From School and the serial radio rapist Ready for the Floor - and how they in despite of their difference belong together to such an extent. There's nothing left to say, I recommend it for a good listen, and a rock out.

The Prodigy's fifth studio album will in all Prodigy'ness grab you by the tongue and rock your socks very hard. While as many prejudiced this release to be too soft and mushy to be true Prodigy - the album as an entirety has such amazing energy and contageous BANG about it, that you'd be deaf AND stupid not to let yourself be seduced into a rhythmic seizure of death instantaneously. My favourites are Thunder and Omen, though Stand Up is definitely the best song on the album (not surprisingly I liked the happiest one the most!)

Vampire Weekend is extremely different from the two above mentioned, being a sugar-sweet, melodic, toffee brit-indie, mushy-mushy and relaxing "punk" album. It sounds just like passionately french-kissing a meringue on a tropical beach to the sound of the ocean. A delight in many ways - sticky and different, with soft beats and slightly deranged melodies. You like it because it's quirky! Mansard Roof and A-Punk are ma faaavourites!

Kings of Leon's album is actually pure Rock n' Roll, something I rarely listen to. So needless to say it took me a while to accustom to their sound, I think it was Taper Jean Girl that convinced me to like them. Some of the tracks give the impression that you have heard it all before, but the vocals are so rasping, rough and different - that even the slightly familiar riffs gets a renessaince with tempo-changes, tickling rhymes and a wayload of subtle presence. This is real shit, right here, it's back to basics in a rural, rocked out way - it's beautiful. Razz has the energy.

Slumdog Millionaire (if you haven't already seen it - go flipping see it now) is if necessary to emphasize an excellent film. With my personal weakness for bhangra and bollywood tunes - it came natural to appreciate the brilliance of this soundtrack. There really isn't much to say about it, other than that it might only be suitable for a niche of music lovers, like most motion picture music, but so be it. You should at least listen to Paper Planes, because it has sampled some truly splendid FX.

My recommendations for today are Tread Softly by High Contrast (really excellent drum and bass), Burial by Miike Snow (so danceable, so happy), Glittertind by Todd-Terje and Sandoz by Blackbelt Andersen, the two latter being Norwegian electronica. Ultimate sweetness!

I bid you farewell (it's snowing looaaads, who ordered all this? I'm NOT paying for it!) And forgive me for the mentally disturbing image I threw together, I just needed some colour in here!

Away and Back again

I've been to Germany for one week, with school - for the CeBit technology mass in Hannover. We stayed at a nice hostel in Bremen and most were drunk for at least 60% of the trip. I had a great time actually, it felt nice to get away and have a change of scenery -- meeting new people was also immensely refreshing, and I'm so happy I went.

Very happy I went, actually.

I've got my laptop back now, and a new external hard-disk of 250gb - which is nice, and it's red and small and sexy. Sweet!

ehm, yes. I'll -- I guess I'll write soon again, when I think of something to write. I feel slightly uninspired at the moment!
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