Ravenous Röyksopp

As you may be well aware of - Röyksopp have shockingly allowed their entire new album (Junior) to be heard for free on their website even though the official release date isn't until March 23rd. Pretty far out!
But on the other hand everything leaks out on the interwebs pre-release anyway-- so they might as well pretend like they approve of it. And all the fans are most likely going to purchase the album anyway (and if not - that still doesn't matter) as most their income from this release will probably be from live performances. So far I'm really falling from the track featuring Lykke Li - "Miss it So Much" it's cotton-candy sweet, an excellent tune - really. I'm not yet convinced, but I'll listen through some more while paying attention and then come back to you with a full review (if you like). 

Also a kick to prejudice in general. I am so sick of it. What is the point of judging everything by its cover? Nobody has anything to earn from it, not short term, not long term. Nothing. In fact - the most inspiring and rewarding acts are those of allowing to be influenced by new impulses, meeting new people, new cultures, new music - new ways of life. While some may have reason to be sceptical, nobody have reason enough to treat other people unfairly when they don't even know them. Just like with gays! Who people kiss or sleep with really isn't any of my business just like who I kiss and sleep with is no one elses business. So as long as I don't get judged by who I love - I wont judge anyone by the same.

I feel we have the right to be judgmental when someone is getting hurt - and sometimes the one getting judged is the victim. So when you are being judgmental, you are worse than anyone. If I catch you doing it - I wont be merciful in my verdict!

I'm hungry :<
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Knut F said...

yo legger igjen en melding til denne posten siden ingen andre har gjort det og så du ikke kommer til å bli sjokkert når jeg vet hvilken muikk du har hørt på i det siste. pluss at jeg vil gi mine 10 cent omkring "prejudice in general" som har en enorm short-term og long-term nyttefunskjon for alle mennesker. GOOOOOO Prejudice!!!

Tora said...


Hei! Takk for at du legger igjen kommentar! :D Yay! Faenmeg påtide.
Fordommer = fail, kooom iiiigjeeen halllO00oo

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