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Got a fat load of music to run through today, mister. YESS. Love new music, I'll be mentioning these albums as follows:
Hot Chip - Made in the Dark
The Prodigy - Invaders Must Die
Vampire Weekend - Vampire Weekend
Kings of Leon - Aha Shake Heartbreak
Slumdog Millionaire Original Soundtrack
And a few recommendations in the end! So, instead of beating around the bush - here goes!

Hot Chip's deliciously beachy upbeat album is full of ballad-sweet danceable, electronic tracks. You'd be amazed at the funk of Over and Over, the heartfeltness of Boy From School and the serial radio rapist Ready for the Floor - and how they in despite of their difference belong together to such an extent. There's nothing left to say, I recommend it for a good listen, and a rock out.

The Prodigy's fifth studio album will in all Prodigy'ness grab you by the tongue and rock your socks very hard. While as many prejudiced this release to be too soft and mushy to be true Prodigy - the album as an entirety has such amazing energy and contageous BANG about it, that you'd be deaf AND stupid not to let yourself be seduced into a rhythmic seizure of death instantaneously. My favourites are Thunder and Omen, though Stand Up is definitely the best song on the album (not surprisingly I liked the happiest one the most!)

Vampire Weekend is extremely different from the two above mentioned, being a sugar-sweet, melodic, toffee brit-indie, mushy-mushy and relaxing "punk" album. It sounds just like passionately french-kissing a meringue on a tropical beach to the sound of the ocean. A delight in many ways - sticky and different, with soft beats and slightly deranged melodies. You like it because it's quirky! Mansard Roof and A-Punk are ma faaavourites!

Kings of Leon's album is actually pure Rock n' Roll, something I rarely listen to. So needless to say it took me a while to accustom to their sound, I think it was Taper Jean Girl that convinced me to like them. Some of the tracks give the impression that you have heard it all before, but the vocals are so rasping, rough and different - that even the slightly familiar riffs gets a renessaince with tempo-changes, tickling rhymes and a wayload of subtle presence. This is real shit, right here, it's back to basics in a rural, rocked out way - it's beautiful. Razz has the energy.

Slumdog Millionaire (if you haven't already seen it - go flipping see it now) is if necessary to emphasize an excellent film. With my personal weakness for bhangra and bollywood tunes - it came natural to appreciate the brilliance of this soundtrack. There really isn't much to say about it, other than that it might only be suitable for a niche of music lovers, like most motion picture music, but so be it. You should at least listen to Paper Planes, because it has sampled some truly splendid FX.

My recommendations for today are Tread Softly by High Contrast (really excellent drum and bass), Burial by Miike Snow (so danceable, so happy), Glittertind by Todd-Terje and Sandoz by Blackbelt Andersen, the two latter being Norwegian electronica. Ultimate sweetness!

I bid you farewell (it's snowing looaaads, who ordered all this? I'm NOT paying for it!) And forgive me for the mentally disturbing image I threw together, I just needed some colour in here!


Foss said...

I have also been listening to the new Prodigy album. I love it; they've taken a turn back toward their roots, making it sound more like an evolved Experience or Jilted Generation (which was their best album). I've been a huge prodigy fan since I first heard Charlie on the radio many many years ago. Jilted was my favourite album for a year or so, but their last album was pants. I think that's because most of the members left (they returned for Invaders) and the band itself transformed into a slug. Now that the transformation has been reversed, their music is no longer covered in slime, and is therefore 846% better.

I've also been listening to Only By The Night, which is Kings of Leon's latest album. I think. Anyway, it's fucking sweeeeet.

These are my opinions. You can share them if you wish.

That is all.

Stinky longshanks said...

aaaah ny røyksopp sang!



Tor said...

Vampire weekend er bra saker. Ble litt overrasket over at noen her hjemme faktisk hadde hørt om de i det hele tatt! Godt valg av sanger selv om du har glemt den beste av dem alle: M79

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