43,2 - and You!

I'm sure Foss get's his little bum slapped more often than this blog gets a hit (which is in this moment at average 43,2 hits per day over the past two years and eleven days). Considering that I visit this blog about thirty times a day, and sometimes I double-click the refresh button, added with the "followers" of this blog - means about 2 hits are done by random people I don't know each day. Statistically. Which is interesting. 

Who are you?

Over the course of the last four days I have had (actually quite accurately) four people whom which I had no clue even knew this blog existed - randomly express their interest for it in person. (Well, not exactly interest, more exactly their discovery of it, but you know what I mean). It always kind of freaks me out, really, honestly - I know that what I'm writing is online and that it's out there, but I rarely do take into consideration that it's actually read by someone. Or anyone except from the ones I already know reads it. It is also quite amazing because I haven't actually written anything here, have I? Not really. There isn't actually anything here, these are just words put together to make sentences - of nothing!

And when people confront me and say they have read my "stuff" (I like that word, it is fitting) it inspires me so much. It also makes me feel guilty for wasting their time by not really putting anything of actual interest into my posts - so I'm sorry for that. And if you're unhappy with the content I suggest you assign me to write about a specific topic, no problem! I am happy to fulfill your wishes. But until then I can tell you that I like the shape of eggs, it is a nice, soft kind of shape - which unlike a perfect circle - has mobility issues. Interesting.

(The illustration I did in Paint.net).


Foss said...

I read your blog through it's RSS feed, which might not show up in your stats.

And, honey, I don't get my bum slapped anwhere near as much as I'd like!

Axel said...

Jeg stemmer for at du skal skrive om hva du ønsker å oppnå med alle de fine tegningene og skriveriene dine! Det er helt klart et talent her, så noe må det jo kunne brukes til :)

Tempus said...

That, my friend Foss, is because you don't live in a gay neighborhood in Sydney. Try that for some months, and have all your bum slapping wishes, well, exhausted.

Tink said...

I'm popping in on your blog a couple of times a day. just to check if you've updated it.

And it's like, when I finally get internet over here i have to use it for what it's worth.
cause it's GAAY!

Witchieboobs said...

Not everything has to be useful, or make sense. It's enough that it looks pretty.

But, if you want to write about something useful, you should make a philosophical text about all the problems in today's society! I love philosophical stuff, especially if it doesn't make sense!

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