It's a TRAP!

I'm listening to Keane and it's all sunny and getting warmer and the other students are saying how lovely it is that they get to be wearing their summer shoes at last. It's still a little windy, but the snow is melting away like marshmellow in your cocoa (even though there are literally mountains of snow left in every blind alley in town). Before I make my stance I beg you to understand as I have to clarify exactly how important it is that you don't misunderstand my statements as being pessimistic on this matter. I am here talking from months, years, decades of experience on the Norwegian weather - it is not some attempt to be a grinch of summer or simply a "better-knowing" killjoy. So forgive me. But I am telling you now, in truth - I can bet my own snot on it: it's not spring.

It's a lie. It's a bluff. It is mother nature's sick, twisted sense of humour that has once again(!) tried/managed to convince us all that the long, cold winter is over. Don't fall for it please, dearest -- as you will only be disappointed. Sure it may seem warm and spring-like, and a few girls might whip their bosoms into something smaller, and flick their hair in a teasing manner. But more snow will fall, more cold will come. The only brightness we may allow ourselves to put faith in is the sunlight, and that the days will remain lighter, as they are now. Don't refrain yourself from staying positive for my sake, just when May comes and the snowflakes are dancing on your car; remember that I told you so.


Tink said...


DAaA kommer dET BloMstER!

Jeg får vårfølelse av å lese starten på bloggen din.

Anonymous said...

Det snør i Trondheim...
Tante Bister

Ulrik said...

På fredag opplevde vi helvete på jord. Våren er definitivt IKKE her :(

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