It's TIME!

Just a quick reminder. Tomorrow -- Saturday March 28th at 8:30 p.m. wherever you live on earth - is Earth Hour. Turn your lights off for an hour to show you care about our planet!

On Saturday morning you also have to set your watch one hour ahead! Don't forget!


Ulrik said...

A fun comment:
All of Tromsø centre var completely dark for an hour. It was so cool! I couldn't see anything :D Go earth hour!

Tora said...

:D awesome!

Foss said...

Ulrik, they only did it because they knew you were there. So, that's awesome. If you weren't there, they would have use up just as much electricity. You probably saved a whale or something, just by standing around in the right place. Congratulations. You stopped a bunch of twats killing a heron, or a narwhal. YOU ROCK! :D

Ulrik said...

OMG I didn't know that! I feel like I'm king of the world! Thank you Foss! x

btw you aren't by chance in London next week? o__0

Foss said...

No, I'm not in London next week. But I do have time off work! Audun is coming to visit :)

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