I am sipping from a small glass of Bristol Cream, it is very nice. Tastes just like Zul'Gurub. It really does. Right now I feel a little out of place, it is unusually quiet here at the moment. And Sigrid has gone back to Bergen, so she nor Axel are here to entertain me :(

I think I am going to draw something, yes yes, that will make the time pass quicker!

And what are everyone's plans for easter, anyway? I hope I get to do some decorations or something this year, because I've been bad at showing any kind of initiative at that for aaaages. And I took a picture of this excellent looking thingy in Germany, real tacky, sparkly, overdone, AND disgusting. I loved it to bits you know, that's exactly the way these things are supposed to look. I know I have said this before, but frankly it really can't be said enough, when it comes to decorations for any holiday - if it is actually in taste - it's bad taste. Okay? We green, here? I really hope so.

Thank you. 

Hmm.. And dark red has always been my favourite colour, I only just realized, but it's true. The warmth, the strength and the dominating qualities of this colour has always stunned me. It's royal and alive, kind of. I'm not sure I can explain! It's just so vibrant, it could have something to do with the cold here, and that the revitalizing heat of this shade of red feels so embracing against the chill, but it's also possible that I suffer from some kind of obsession with it. You never know. Right?


Knut said...

Just wanted to say hi...so...hi :D Nice blog, it's added to my ever-growing list of blogs that I follow :) Read mine too, cooment if you like..


Foss said...

Dear Mr Avenstroup-Haugen,

The Age of Conan soundtrack is amazing. I often listen to it while I'm working. My favoutite tracks are Field Of The Dead and Memories Of Cimmeria. Nighttime Journey is also wonderful.

Please make more. Kthxbai.

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