Blog Action Day 2009: Climate Change

There are lots of things that concern me and that I worry about on a daily basis. But some things that should worry me on an equal basis, just feels too distant for me to grasp.

I know I worry more about getting to school on time and getting my schoolwork done than I worry about climate change. Heck I even worry more about "what's for dinner?"

And I figured that would be a good place to start. Because personally there are few things about my life or my lifestyle that directly causes climate change. I travel by public transport to work and I walk to school, I recycle both at work, and at home, I don't leave the heating on when the windows are open, I turn off the lights when I'm not there, and I do most of my writing on digital paper. Also, I use very little hairspray! Or other aerosol products for that matter.

But dinner, I guess dinner is exactly where my neutral effect on the climate goes topsy turvy. I mean we all try, I think. Most people really make an effort at doing things that are good (or at least not so bad) for the environment. I would tell you all off again, but I decided that you should rather read my old post "Captain Planet - 30 Things You Can Do To Save The Planet" and get some inspiration. But I know that personally it is my love for a nice meaty dinner that destroys everything. When I thought of this, even Wikipedia turned against me. Look!

Livestock and land use
Worldwide, livestock production occupies 70% of all land used for agriculture, or 30% of the ice-free land surface of the Earth. Scientists attribute more than 18% of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions to livestock and livestock-related activities such as deforestation and increasingly fuel-intensive farming practices. Specific attributions to the livestock sector include:
  • 9% of global carbon dioxide emissions
  • 35-40% of global methane emissions (chiefly due to enteric fermentation and manure)
  • 64% of global nitrous oxide emissions, chiefly due to fertilizer use.
That is one major "OW!" to me. It means I have to eat more fish and replace the steak with more salad, I mean anything industrially farmed is basically a bad thing, but ecological farming is so unsustainable - it's a joke. Really, I almost find it offensive. It just wont be enough food for everyone if we'd all eat ecological produce.

So local produce is the best shade of grey. Try to focus on food that has travelled an absolute minimum and that also farts accordingly. Bacon does mean the world to me, but not so much I am willing to give the world away for it. If you are already doing all you can to prevent (slow down is good enough) climate change, I am sure you wont feel guilty when looking at this guy:


Anonymous said...

Ever thought of the fact that local produce may be more ecologically inefficient than massive supermarket produces, neutralizing the shorter distance travelled? It's certainly not easy being green.

Tora said...

True that. And that probably makes sense even in a small country like Norway where most products are imported from abroad or made far from the capital. Especially since local produce mostly comes from far away anyway in the area I live. There's not a lot of farms around here.

Anonymous said...

Fact: milk produced in a small ecological farm out in the districts of Norway, have to be transported to the nearest ecological "meieri"(- I dont remember that in english). The distance is so far away, that the perfectly ecologically produced milk, goes to the nearest "meieri", and will be mixed with ordenary milk,and sold as ordinary milk.
How sad is that?
Tante Bister

Tora said...

It's extremely inconsiderate. Very sad

Tink said...

Cheese is a kind of meat
A tasty yellow beef!

Meat is a nono. You should write it on your fridges

Audun said...

"Some people eat to live, others live to eat"

If you have to work out to compensate for food you're eating, you should start there, as you're obviously eating too much, putting an unnecessary strain on Mutha ├śrth.

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