Hai hai

I need to show you something, okay? It's a drawing that Tink's made a long time ago and it's genius. Really. You have to check it out in her blog http://fishinmyshoe.blogspot.com/2009/10/just-for-tora.html

It's extreme sweetness.

In other news, not much to show, not a lot of furniture either. Done schoolwork mostly, gone shopping in mysterious and dingy grocery-shops all around the neighbourhood of school and I've been walking to school every day. I'm still looking for the turkish delights of such scrumptious proportions as those in Narnia. Actually I did find the website of the (uncredited) producers of the Turkish Delight which Edmund eats in the film (The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe). However it appears that attempting to get those to Norway from either New Zealand or the states seem pretty hopeless. But I did find some massive Turkish Delights filled with walnuts and covered with coconut that you can barely eat one of - and they were awesome. Really different from everything else we stuff in our face.
Houses down the road, such beautiful and bright colours, there are purple and baby blue and orange ones too!
That is the stalks of a turnip, or a nepe actually sticking out of an empty tea-cup. I couldn't find a good word for it in English. But it is a root-vegetable related to the turnip, it might be called rutabaga, who knows?
That is a tree near our summerhouse.
These are the woods surrounding the summerhouse. Early in the morning.


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