Let's have a bath - shall we?

First things first, but not necessarily in that order.
- Doctor Who

The last day of April I had the pleasure of walking around the river near our house - something we have been doing a lot the last couple of days. Little brother and I were fooling around, trying to build a bridge across a little span of the rivers width with stones and parched logs. After stumbling around, hopping from stone to stone, we noticed that our mum and Cleo had walked ahead.

We started to go after them, and on the way we found a long wooden plank. We decided we could use it to cross major parts of the river, so I carried it. On our way up the cooling river on this exceptionally lovely day I managed to hit little brother firmly over the head with that plank. It was an accident of course, and it must've hurt, too.

Further up the river we found a place which was seemingly less wicked, and perhaps shallow enough to wade across. We used the wooden plank to get across on to this little 'island', and we took off our shoes, tucked the socks in them and rolled up our jeans, ready to walk in the icy water. Since I am the oldest, and incidentally also the dumbest - I walked first.

The stream was way more strong than I'd imagined, and the water way deeper too, but it was so cold that by the time I realised the above - I could seriously not be arsed to turn back. I had a ridiculously hard time trying to balance across, and when there was less than two metres left...
I fell. And I was soaked to the neck, and it was cold as flying eggs. My little brother was pale as a mint-green pillow and I was, well, quite obviously; horribly cold.

Safely up on the other shore, I stripped down to my underwear and twisted my jeans to get them drier - and also less heavy. After redressing into the wet clothes I hollered to little brother to start running back down the river again, and I started running there too. My feet were so numb I could not feel the ground, so I did not bother to put my wet shoes back on. Across the river I could see my little brother running, and I ran on the opposite side of the water, keeping an eye on him - and him on me.

My clothes were so wet there was water splattering from me and I met several people along the way back. To everyone I passed I told that the water was warm, and I'm quite sure they laughed at me. After a bit I finally had enough toes working to be bothered to put shoes on before i ran the last distance in my wet jeans. I met my brother at the second bridge where I crossed over to his side again. And we walked home and I had a hot shower, and I made tea, but I forgot about it.

And I suppose I can say I have bathed in the river before May 1st this year! Mohaha!


Audun said...

You did film it all, right?


Mum said...

I sooo regret that Cleo and i went on walking and missed it all. I actually watched them from the other side of the river when she accidentally hitted her brother in the head with that huge timberthing. Then i thought i had seen enough and went on walking...

She hasent heard the end of it at home yet. Lots of jokes about the average swimming outfit all the time

Smylexx said...

Have i stumbled onto one of those wet-jeans fetish websites by accident?

You'll be trying to show me some internet-corn next, wont you?

*hides his innocent eyeballs*

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