Trigger 22 by Ugress

Norwegian lines from the film Sweetwater from 1988.

Female voice:

Male voice 1:
Her kan vi jo sitte i orkester som de siste dagers hellige, og se vår kjære sivilisasjon gå til helvete!
Det eneste forsvarlige stedet å leve, er jo her, i, og av; menneskenes avfall! Morrasnylter! Hæ? Når det ikke lenger er noen ideologiske dører åpne, hah! Du har filosofienes *something* mennesketanken! selve mennesketanken er jo faen ikke verdt å tørke seg i ræva med! Når materiens seier over mannen er fullført, da er vår plass her! Vi sees!

Here we can sit in orchestra (orchestra seat - front of a theatre), like the last days holy ones, and watch our beloved civilization go to hell!
The only suitable/defendable place to live, is here, in, and of; the filth of humans! Freeloading off your mother! Hm? When there is no longer any ideological doors open, hah! You have the philosophy's *something* thought of man! THE thought of man is not fucking worth to wipe your own arse with! When the victory of materia over men is complete, then our seat/place is here! See you!

Male voice 2:
Du har sett noe som du ikke burde ha sett, er det uheldig? Det er meget uheldig, for deg.

You have seen something which you should not have seen, unlucky? It is very unlucky, for you.

Male voice 1:
Man kan ikke flykte fra sin egen virkelighet.

One can't escape ones own reality.

This song gives me the eebie-bo-gadda-da-gabba-debees!
And I did the lyrics myself, because nobody else has (as long as I could find) done them, erhm, there are probably a few faults, so, let me know, will ya, angelcakes? Modified it a little there, mhm.


Foss said...

My favourite line of the day: Faen ikke verdt å tørke seg i ræva med!

Audun said...


I'm not sure if the orchestra phrase works in english, maybe something along "seats on the front row"? Dunno, Foss should know. He has lived a bit in England and knows the language well.

I think "suitable" is more suitable than "rightful". Rightful would mean something along the lines of "rettmessig" I think.

Would it be right to say "wipe your own arse with?" instead? To specify that he's the one who is supposed to wipe it, not you.

"You have seen something which you should not have seen, unlucky?"

Here, it looks like the person you address is actually called "Unlucky".


I'm not saying I'm right of course, but since you asked for nitpicking, I tried to come up with some.

Tora said...

I liked that and it will be taken into consideration.

Always good with a second brain for translating things.

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