The wather, stop making a mess.

Yesterday's papers displayed a giant picture of a cinema covered in filthyness. Apparently, Norwegians are horrible at cleaning up after themselves and the movie theatres (as well as the streets, public buildings and transport) suffer from great economical cutbacks due to a terrible upbeat of unpolite behaviour.

I know this first hand, at my school - which is actually part of the "Environment Lighthouse" collaboration - is absolutely disgusting.
At the part of town where I live (which is the "right" part of town, also known as the west-side) have a youth so spoiled and inconsiderate it is nearly to go spastic over. (I also discovered that the flourescently lit sign for the gaming-store "Spaceworld", was missing its "e", and now spelled "Spac World").

All day long, two of the schools employees go around and wipe up all the filth which the students have left behind. It is absolutely ridiculous, trust me when I say that they would never have done anything similar if they were at home - no sir!

This morning at 8 o' clock it was -15 C degrees out. My skin froze to my face like a swollen, unnaturally stiff mask.


Foss said...

aaaaahahahahaha "spac world"! that's genius!

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