Brain drought

I cannot think of a single thing to write today.

I'm blank as a sheet.

There is actually not a single thought present, all a bit of a confusing blur.
I will do something about it soon enough.

Soon enough.


Foss said...

Inspiration: Red wine

Tora said...

i think my mum agrees with you!

Loving that picture of yours by the way, very amusing.

It makes all the comments look so positive! mmmwah!

Smylexx said...

When i'm in need of inspiration, i tend to take a long walk / drive to somewhere remote and, in the last glowing embers of the daylight, as the moon begins it's weary path once more across the skies to begin its cosmic dance i dispose of the bodies in the boot of my car and sing a nice little song about goblins.

By the way, i started my very own blog today! I feel almost proud..you know, like when you go to the toilet on your own without your parents help for the very first time? THAT sort of proud.


Look at that obvious self-advertising there. Sickening, isn't it? I'd ban me if i was me.. Wait, i AM me! Oh my!

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