Nobody's listening

The bus was very warm today, I liked that.
On my way home in this comfortably warm bus, sitting in the seat closest to the door (the one which I prefer) I saw the area's local schizophrenic.

Please, though, do not fret, the stamp might be uncalled for, I am no professional, I'm just simply telling you what I think.
Now, this man (I do not know his name, I know little about him, actually) has square glasses, and brown eyes, his hair is hazel, about shoulder-length, with a bare spot showing a shiny moon of hairless skin closest to his forehead. He has a backpack, and very polished shoes, his lips are always moving.

It used to be a lot worse, he used to walk around and wave his arms while discussing hotly with the thin air surrounding him, while now, it seems, he has reduced himself to curteous nods. I do catch him though, sometimes; talking as feverishly and happy to the person(s) not present, just like before.

Today though, he was talking to the window, like he was speaking to his reflection in the frosty bus window, nodding, agreeing and conversing with his own (slightly more opalescent) face out on the street. I've never been close and/OR rude enough to eavesdrop on him, so I have no idea whether he's just mumbling, or if he's actually talking, I might never know.
I searched long for a handsfree the first couple of years, while now the street would be kind of wrong without him, you know? And there is no handsfree, I was reassured of that the summer he was throwing a ball (a non-existant ball, mind you) and then running towards where he "threw" it, turn on his heel - and catch it!

Not only can this man defy the very laws of nature, but he is also never alone it seems, never lonely.
That sounds nice, he must be nice too, he probably likes warm buses, then again - who doesn't?

HEY! - Are you listening?


Audun said...

the very definition of tragicomic I guess :D

Smylexx said...

What if he ISN'T talking to himself? Perhaps he has tiny invisible space monkeys as companions which live in his ears.

Or maybe he has vision which sees ultraviiolet or something and he can see aliens which are invisible to humanoid eyeballs.

I'd like to think so.

Audun said...

the dolphin has a point

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