Long, sticky crabs!

And together they went to a restaurant, she wearing a delicious, sparkling red dress and her hair all curly and wavy, he in his best suit, looking smug and clean.

The waiter slowly approached them and handed them the menu, their eyes scanned it quickly. She was a very bright woman, and she turned to face him - her golden curls flowing gently over her shoulders - and said:
"I wud like da squeeed, cod I hav da salad wid it?" the waiter, momentarily perplexed responded with a nod. His feet shifted. Her husband smiled charmingly and he too, turned to face the waiter, and said:
- "Cod I haaav som loooong stickeh craab pleeese?" the waiter, now puzzled, responded with hesitation. - "We don't serve "long, sticky crab" here, sir, I'm sorry, sir" he said, politely.
The man got up, outraged!
- "Bot I want da loooong stickeh craaab! Dis restrant no good far us misses, less'go some elsewere!"
With startling speed they wrapped up in fur coat and jacket, looking as sophisticated as they possibly could, and for the second time that week - they found themselves feasting in the public aquarium.



Foss said...

Reminds me of this!

Smylexx said...

I'm pretty sure you're not 45% normal at all... that score seems just a little too high to me.

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