Hot-water bottle

My dear friend Kida gave me a hot-water bottle for Christmas. I can recall telling her that I would like one, but by the time it was Christmas I had already forgotten all about it. Of course it was quite a satisfying surprise to open that present, and it has secured many a good-nights sleep during latter times.

Anyway now that I have it, I seem to be completely unable to live without it.
Of course I don't need it when my (amagad) "boyfriend" is around, but since he's not here 'all' the time, I get to use this hot-water bottle quite a lot.

Mother suggested I'd stick the eyes out of the water-bottle and stretch it out, so that it would be long and lean with poor eyesight - just like above mentioned. I immediately covered the poor giraffe's ears with my hands and gave my mother an insulted expression - how could she suggest something as heartless like that?! And with the giraffe present?!

The poor giraffe has now been securely rescued up in my attic-room and I keep it away from open fire and my mother every day.


pokeabelly said...

Your mum is evil.

What's next?

Give your boyfriend good eyevision and shorten him to normal height, so that he can look more like your hot-water bottle?

Tora said...

i don't know, but I'll keep that in mind - you never know with her really! - You never know...

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