Coke & iTunes Live Kickoff at Rockefeller

So it happens that my wonderful dad works for Apple. For the occassion of Coke & iTunes Live Kickoff at Rockefeller he got Liv-Elin and I free tickets - even our names on the "VIP" list.

As we arrived there, the line had just started to move. Patiently we walked onwards and entered, my dad said: "they're with me", they let us enter without any trouble. And for two sixths of a second: We were warm and happy.

Our skin stiffened as the guards asked "how old are they?" and when my daddy answered truthfully: "nearly 18" - we could feel that the battle was lost.
And it was.

So in the snow and in the wet, we had to stumble home, feeling about as turned down, and disappointed as we possibly could be, though we had not heard of any of the bands that were going to play.
We did, however, meet some old friends - and we settled to eat sweets to ease the pain, feeling crisply our age, wanting this to have been arranged - in August some time, when Liv-Elin would have been 18 for a long time, and I would be too - for at least a month.


Audun said...

Du ska få en dag i juli, som blank og ubrukt står....

And then you'll be 18!

It's so disappointing when they won't let you in to places because of age. I hates it:(

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