New hair colour!


Well I don't know if this photo is "ideal", least not to show off any beauty in particular, it was taken for a special occasion, but it will have to do! And you get the general idea.... Right?


And this turned out a bit fuzzy, we are not picky though - it doesn't matter.

Anyway! Whooo! New hair... Doop doop.
Show some enthusiasm!

Did you know...?
- This hair colour isn't permanent, and my mum offered me money for not colouring it with permanent colour after I coloured it?
- My stepdad thought it looked nice?

Well you know now!


Audun said...

nice hair!

Smylexx said...

Yes, delicious!!

Like the colour of a half-melted chocolate bar that you forget about in your favourite jacket pocket.


Foss said...

Beautiful :)

Anonymous said...

Its only hair. It grows out again. But you guys makes me almost throw up. (Boharfanclubargrglgl)


Foss said...

Oi, listen up "mum"... if that is your real name... I'm allowed to stalk whoever I want, and if you don't like it you can take your delicious mexican food and EAT IT! HAH!

umm.. Hi :) Hope you are all very well. Please say hi to Torstein for me! :D

IRFan said...

Hey you gingerfrecklewomanfromtroindelag!

You're just jealous because you don't have a fan club of your own. Well except Cleo, but she's a fan of everyone, so she doesn't count.

So straighten up, or bad things might happen to the coffee machine O.o

Tora said...

hahaha! pwnt

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