aah, nooo, not the tikbalang!

In World of Warcraft, a good friend gave me an infallible Tikbalang Ward.
"With this trusty warding talisman,
no tikbalang will ever find you and steal you away to the treetops.
It really works!"

Now, after laughing for yards and kilometres at this, I discovered that a "Tikbalang" actually just wasn't a load of bollocks!

No, no sir! In fact, a Tikbalang is an ancient mythical creature that leads you astray from your path according to my source Wikipedia.

So it wasn't taken out of thin air at all, what a pity :(


Anonymous said...

- "Oh thank god, I used to get stolen away all the time until I bought this. haven't been back to the treetops with those horrible creatures for quite some time now.

- "yea, it's quite nasty how awesome their poker skills are."


English Muffin said...

So I'll watch out for the 'tikbalang' the next time I'm in limbo! lol

Thank you Tora for the lovely comment on my blog..it's nice to hear people enjoy my music selection! Thanks also for linking me..I'll return the compliment! :)

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