I morra! jeg mener, - i morgen!

Translation: " T'morrow! I mean, - tomorrow!"

Well since my tall, curly 'tag-along' (aka known as "Nadir", even "Ignore", "Lamegunner", or simply "stumpen" *), more easily put as my darling came along, I've had certain--- identity problems.

You must've noticed the constant shift in blog-layouts, the new hair colour, the fresh pair of socks! It's obvious!
No, but really.
Since he is from a different part of Norway, he speaks Norwegian a bit differently from me (yeah, and how's that possible? It pretty much all sounds like "eg vi ha ski tak ull tog nek" anyway, what's the difference?). No, but really, he does!

And not only has this made me topple my vocabulary over a bit, but he did too! So we simply did a linguistic swap! It's actually made quite an impact on my daily life, people are having a hard time understanding me, at least laughing hard whenever I'm opening my mouth!

I'm lost in translation.

*I'm dead now *snigger*


Iggy Pop said...

stumpen, eh?

What a very wrong word.

Very very wrong.

Smylexx said...

Everyone sounds the same after 20 bottles of wine.

Lamegunner said...

My way of speaking is not as much as a dialect, as it is a serie of linguistic flaws.

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