And the girl looked depressed at her friend and said:
- "I know my boyfriend loves me, and I love him. But he looks at other girls all the time".
Her friend leans back, chilled-out and says relaxed:
"That is because men are made that way, they are hunters".
The girl looks surprised at her friend and says shrilly:
- "Says who? You date several guys at a time!"
Her friend sniggers:
"That is because we females are collectors".

Shamelessly stolen from Nemi.

(You might want to click this link to enlarge it alittle)
Nemi: Oh, I'm so drunk now that I can't even look out of my own head.
Nemi: Cake?
Cyan: Don't eat it. It is...
Cyan: ... Made of wax. You see what you want to see and hear what you want to hear. You..
Nemi: What do I hear? You've got more wine?


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