Fog! Vikings! eeh.. PHONE!

They all agreed that it had been a very nice idea, but they had not intended things to have gone so far. Smoking was one thing, but they had not wanted everything to be entirely covered in fog, and - not such thick fog! - But now the lands were draped and wrapped in a tight carpet of white, tense clouds.

Well one thing was the land really, because that happens at times, what they had not thought through though, was that the fair goddess of their kingdom would now be dressed in fog too! Dearly they missed flowing, light garments revealing delightful amounts of cleavage and ginger curls crowning a beautiful face. At night you could even hear Miner # 5 cry bitterly, clutching his shovel with sweaty fingers. Under any normal circumstances, these 5 miners would all be imprisoned. Since the goddess of the lands (standing stiffly on top of her palace, looking sourly out over the now white, fluffy city) wished to send them all to the city jail immediately, but there was no way she could command anyone to - the fog was simply so thick all they could hear was her voice muffled deep underneath there somewhere.

Miner # 3 looked shrewdly at Miner # 1, though it had not been Miner # 1's idea, everyone always blame the smartest one, and since, at random, Miner # 1 just happened to be the smartest one: He had to take the blame. Classic.
-"What 'bout a laige fan about the size of Sweden?" Miner # 3 suggested, his tongue unable to say 'r'.
-"What about nine thouthand mice with hatth clogdanthing down the thquare?" Miner # 2 suggested, his teeth unable to say 's'...

no, no that's boring.

... Fine, sharp ridges marked the outline of the horizon, the blonde vikings stood on their guard, gazing intensely over the patches of woodland and ... no, no no no...

How about...
... -"Who? Oh, oh yes, she is here, right here. Just hold on, please". Manicured nails tapped elegantly away at a pearly white keyboard. "You will be transferred right away sir, yes, thank you sir. Have a good day".
With a last polite *click*, the conversation ended. For a second or two, the female incarnation of perfected beauty let her sparkling brown eyes rest on the telephone, with a very nice and professional expression she turned to face me.
"And how may I help you?" she said sweetly, gifting me with 100% of her undivided attention. At first I could not speak. I just looked at her, she sure was a very beautiful woman, and her voice sounded so nice it made me all happy inside.
- "I am here to see Mr. Thompson" I said, and I hoped it would take her ages to look him up to give me the directions and to phone him to tell him I was here. But she simply pointed a long, slim finger to the left and said - "Right down the hall sir, fifth door to the right". Disappointed I parted with her, stumping along down the corridor, counting the doors that passed me.

My long coat was soaking wet, and there was no wonder my leather shoes were making *slooowp, slworp, schlop* noises while I was crossing the doorstep, because heavy showers had drowned the city for days. Mr. Thompson greeted me as usual, with his tempting, enthusiastic and lively face. One could tell right away that this was a man of good quality, which had made his way in the world with wits and people skills and not necessarily his technical competence or ability in his trade. No, this was a man who knew upside from down, and used it wisely. We were old friends, Mr. Thompson and I, and so it was a pleasure to meet him again after all this time. We had gone off to do different things, him and me, neither of us were though married, and either had children. So as we were much alike, we were also very different. A friend we both had back in the days, said that we were a puzzle, and that we fit together perfectly.

- "Christopher! You bony old carcass, why do I have the pleasure, eh? Sit down, sit down!" Mr. Thompson said happily, and motioned for me to take a seat in the chair opposite of him and his desk...

To be continued


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that was extremely confusing!

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