I think you need a new t-shirt.
I think you need this one.


Foss said...

I have a question for you...

Sarah bought me a t-shirt for xmas. It's awesome and I love it. However, I've somehow managed to get a dark line down the back of it. I expect I leaned on some wet paint, or accidentally drew on myself, or a badger decided to do line art on me. Either way, it was a gift and I've already ruined it.

Being a Viking, can you reveal any trade secrets to help me? What did the vikings use to remove blood from their helmets?

Tora said...

To remove blood from clothings, either fair vestments, garments, hats, ties, socks and/or mittens, the Vikings would use a special stainless-steel soap that instantaneously gets rid of *all* scents and smells.

However, during our liberation from 400 years of domination by Denmark years of 1814 (though there was not much bloodshed) the little blood that was, got removed by using Vanish Oxi Action.

Let us not forget about Omo Colour (which is suspiciously close to Homo Colour, but does not leave your clothes pink...

... Promise.

Good luck with your t-shirt, honey.

Smylexx said...



THAT'S the ultimate t-shirt.

Tora said...


yes, that is awesome!

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