Monday update

A good friend likes this song too.
if you want the translation, ask this friend.

And I saw a film on Saturday called Primer, it was about mind-twisting timetravel on a completely new level - something my stepdad found hard to understand. The film was at times very confusing, filmed in an original way with a great spark between the two main characters, but left lots of loose threads by the end of it. Still I highly recommend it, and think I'll enjoy to see it one more time, so that I may catch things I can have missed along the way. The script is also amazing, and the idea is very good, packed - of course - with very classic engineer jokes and deep musings about life and its values. Of course I found the engineer jokes to be brilliant (seeing both my dads are engineers).

Stuffed animals are facing a very insecure future, I wont tell you why.

Snow is falling in Oslo, the sound is getting all muted and stiff, the temperature a bit milder, but still around -9 c at eight in the morning. - moving on from the weather, we continue to sports

Okay, and now a riddle!
What happens when you put five emos in a square room?

Thank you for your attention at this brief update, see ya!


Audun said...

omg, give the answer to the riddle!

Audun said...

Oooo, I found the answer.

One will die because he has no corner to cry in.

Tora said...


that is correct!

Well done :D

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