Ah! More music!

Today I purchased the new The Kooks album (Inside in the inside out), I haven't got to listen properly to it yet, but what I've heard so far I really like.
Now, there is also some music that you must hear, in fact it's very very important that you do.

Firstly it's "Hello Sunshine" by Syd Matters

Then it's "Phantom Limb" by The Shins

"Song for the Uncertain" by The Hoosier Complex

Lastly, but not unimportantly "Seaside" by The Kooks (just audio).


Audun said...

Two of the links doesn't work!

Sorry missy, but the two songs that did weren't my taste, but still nice.

I loved the music video with the children though. That was great. Especially when they beheaded the sheep :)

Tora said...

yes, I notcied that too!

Well there is only links for two of the songs, the other two I could not track down on teh youtubes.

but I love the musics!

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