By Moby

Speaking of which, we got in a few pieces of a porcelain set in the store today (No way!).
It is called "Nathalie" and we got a few cups and a milk jug. The milk jug was what instantly snatched my attention - it was tall, white, and had a pearl-white colour, shining attractively in the store lighting.
Along the edges it had a thin detail of silver lining, which sparkled amusingly. All this both well and good, but hardly extraordinary or very attention-grabbing in itself, no no, what actually caught me was the shape of it.

Yes yes, the shape the shape! It had all its roundness seemingly pushed up to its chin, like a penguin holding its breath in reeeeal hard. It looked fuzzy and chubby and very comfortable with itself and its shape, which is strange, and I have never really seen a jug quite as personalized as this one. To compare it with something different, you could also say that it looked like it had eaten an entire beach ball, only to not be able to push it all the way down its throat.
I may be exaggerating.

This jug though, it talked to me very differently from all the other china I work with.
It had a personality!

This was the only picture I could find, which was ironically in the company's catalogue. This isn't explaining everything though! You must see it up close to understand it for real!


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