160 drops of vikingblood

Two days ago in the shop where I work, a woman came by, she ordered 160 packages of 2 menu candlelight holders in clear glass.
She wanted them wrapped each box seperately.
160 presents!

My hands are stained with 7 seperate wounds, menu has marked me with my own red blood.

okay, that is my hand, my chimney and taken by my camera, but it so most certainly is red wax and not blood.


Mischief said...


I hope you made her eat it all Tora!

mischief would have...

English Muffin said...

Lets hope the woman doesn't bring back all 160 holders for a refund!..Otherwise you'll have this womans blood on your hands instead! :D

Tora said...

You bet I will, honeycakes, you bet I will!

much like the blood of the lady that never says "thankyou", the man that told me off for not answering the phone, the busdriver not stopping at my stop, the gnomes cooling my bedroom down, the old ladies always creating a line behind them, the sticky-tape that sticks to everything, the make-up that smudges so well it's half-way cross europe by the time you notice it - and it did it all by itself, didn't even touch it!

yes, and then.....

... then goes one for all the damned raisin-less cereal products. Damn them all into the deepest pits o' blackest Celine Dion albums...
Damn them all!!

Tora said...

*steam whistles*

Coody Blunt said...


Not the raisins!

*dives in after raisins*

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