Gone with the dim

I had the unique pleasure of enjoying the last few hours of this weekend watching "A Room with a View", which was, I must say - incredibly enjoyable.

The last hour, however, I have spent hidden under a set of pillows catching glimpses of "War of the Worlds" - which I found, on the contrary to the previous film; to be extremely exhausting. I will not, as long as I live, see that film again, it was horrid and frightening, and it made me jump on several occassions. The music and acting (though not always convincing) was sufficient enough to scare me well out of my good skin.

In other news, the expansion package to the MMORPG "World of Warcraft" - called "The Burning Crusade" - is released according to my sources: on January 16th.

After getting a positive response to my return on Thursday, you might consider me gone with the dim as I return to the World of Warcraft for an unknown period of time. To make sure playing does not go out of hand, I warmly encourage people that acknowledge my existence of giving me a proper slap in the face if I start to talk about the game.

I have had a break from the game for over 5 months, and will accordingly continue to live as normal and steady as possible.


Smylexx said...

Y-y-y-you're going back?

Without inviting me?

Oooh you big meanie! Save me some Gnome Soup!

Foss said...

Don't bother coming back - play bookworm adventures instead!

Smylexx said...

Actually, i agree with Fossywoowoo. I'm not feeling any burning desire to return just yet.

Maybe i'll leave my giant tub of elfy ear-moisturiser where it is...

Besides, Isketch is where it's at.

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