Several times a month I get more aware of how the human body is being repressed and neglected. Not just in religions and cultures demanding people to cover up parts of their body to show respect for their god(s) or to show that they are of a certain class – but also daily life. In the media, everywhere!

Half of the world’s got one, the other half has seen one – there’s nothing new about body parts. They have always been there, body parts, they’re made of muscles, bones, skin and flesh, nothing at all to be ashamed of, afraid of or to hide. Though we all deep down know this, a majority of the planet choose to make the human body a part of a deep, sinning taboo. This is not about free sex, peace and love – whoohoo! No, this is about humans having confidence, and to remove barriers that make the cultures crash together and create conflict between them.

Of course variety and cultural differences are parts of what which makes this world so fascinating, but there is no reason to take it this far. Children for example, they have a deep urge and passion for running around naked. It’s about physical contact; it’s about being down to earth and realistic about one’s existence. Why teach your own offspring that his or hers body is evil? Why be afraid of changing clothes in the changing rooms of a public facility, like a swimming pool, or the ordinary gym down the road? There is no logical explanation to the hysteria around it.

Thinking about it, it is actually quite ridiculous, I’m not saying that me – myself run around without a thread or that I’m never embarrassed about nudity, but I’m saying that it is wrong. If children is taught that it is wrong to be naked, will they grow to think that their body is evil and that they are to wrap themselves up to hide the incarnation of their soul? What kind of way is that to begin a life, you have your body your entire life, it’s not as if you can go around and hate having it, you’re forever stuck with it anyway, so you’d better just make the best of it. If the norms do not differ soon, everyone will be having sex in pitch dark, and who knows what will come of that!

Humans are not any more dirty, disgraceful creatures than other animals. Though our skin naturally needs to be protected from sun and cold because of us not having anything but a thin layer of skin instead of fur, this doesn’t justify for the deep taboo about being a human being, a creature, an animal, a breathing – independent person.


Anonymous said...

OK - but if we get to throw off all our clothes, can we please wait until after the winter?

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