Good Lord!

I have believed my entire life that all moles are cute.
With my poor eyesight and passion for digging holes - I have grown to believe that I was perhaps one of them in my past life. Though today I was actually quite scared when I found out about The Star Nosed Mole. I nearly hopped in my seat.
When littler I also watched this czech show called "Den Lille Muldvarpen" meaning "The little mole" (his name is "Krtek"), and it is simply adorable (image at the top).

Krtek Finds a Green Star

This episode of Krtek actually made me cry, it was so pretty.
That is one very very strange creature that is, that star-mole-thingy and tonight, maybe it's going to crawl on to your bed and suck off your ears! mahaha! ... erhm.

Star Nosed Mole.The regular, more cute mole.


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