icon frenzy

Of course you have noticed the gobsmacking and breathtaking amount of icons at the bottom right of my sidebar?

Well I was actually safely strolling the internet (safely being slightly relatively put, seeing nothing is actually safe on the intarweb), and I walked straight upon Franksicons.com

What a huge mistake.

Anyway, such a shame to neglect all the nice icons I made, so I put them here! Please watch this too, because this song is wonderful.

"Moving" by Supergrass


Smylexx said...

Probably the most delicious Supergrass song...like... EVERRERRERERERRRR!

Foss said...

If you've only just discovered this song, I'm disappointed in you!

Tora said...

better late than never Foss!

This song has never been released in Norway either, in fact, nobody here knows who they are :(

(well, Liv Elin and I do, and I guess three or two others - so approximately one fourth of Norway's population)

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