A special eye for beauty

Not many have an eye that can capture things that are breathtaking, percieve what that is exceptional or gather all the little flaws, to make perfection.

To carve a stone in to a diamond or to change a piece of paper in to a bird.

Perhaps it requires a special mind, perhaps you need to be detached from other things around you.
Open one door, close another. Let the wind in until the curtains flow the exact right way.

One person, I think, that has a very special way of finding wonderful things, is my uncle Justin, he took a lot of photos when travelling the world, perhaps you would like to see them too?

One day I hope I can be as good as him at collecting things that are angelic.

"Nøkken" Norwegian fairytale creature - by Theodor Kittelsen (1857-1914) is not as beautiful as it is scary, but is in a subtle way, at least for me, a little bit of both.


Foss said...

The colour range on some of those pictures is amazing. Is he using ze HDR?

Smylexx said...

I have an eye for beauty.... I keep it in a pickle jar (and yes, i ate the pickles first!).

Tora said...

I don't know, I haven't talked to him for a very long time.

If I see him again sometime, I'll ask him.

Foss said...

Yes, you do that sugartits.

Also, go and download something by The Futureheads, 'cause they're similar to maximo park.

Yesterday I made a 4 hour journey in 3 hours. Flo is awesome.

In England, we call pickles "gherkins".

Audun said...

That's a lot of nice pictures!

Your uncle must have a wonderful backyard.


Audun said...

"gather all the little flaws, to make perfection"

oh, and I like that expression. it's nice.

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