Love Online, Nothing to LOL about? - Redone

I love reading about people exploring things they don't know much about.
Like people seeing snow for the first time, or eating something they used to have yet to taste.

Today people can experience things new to them without even leaving their house, and even more splendidly: They can write articles about it. (Article from The Star).

Recommended! You should read it, it is quite cute, especially the part about claiming a warrior to have found his voidwalker. It is funny, whether you have played World of Warcraft, or not.

Manah manah - doo doo do-do-do.


Foss said...

Sorry darlin', the link doesn't work for me so I couldn't read it. Also, it's not The Sun, it's the Star. And horses make scary noises. And Rob is handing out free biscuits so I'm gonna go steal one.


Audun said...

qft on it all, cept the biscuits. I wouldn't know about that


Audun said...

Victory to the ME!!!

Love online nothing to LOL about

I'm so good, I'll have to go take a photo of myself.

Smylexx said...

I've never found love on Call of Duty 3. Believe me, i've tried too! I attempt every lovely german type i see and quite often, i gift-wrap my bullets and smother them in a delicious coating of chocolate.

Nothing seems to work!

What am i doing wrong?

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