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I just now brewed myself a cup of tea. It smells as if somebody have not recently deceased in it.

Green tea, with some lime and sugar in it. It arrives in a very tempting bag, it is pink and silver and it's called "Flower of the Geisha" or something, and it tricks me every single time.

The apparent smell of rabbit fodder doesn't immediately tick off my "danger danger don't drink" alarm, though few things actually do. I do like sherry.

However, this tea might be lightly green and have little things floating around in it, I am still determined to drink it all up.

So if anything happens to me, like I grow blisters around my eyes or die spontaneously when I notice one of my shoes are missing: You will know what caused it.

It doesn't make me feel any safer, and this tea still tastes like licking the face of the main-event in a funeral. (Not that I've ever done that, just the flavour I imagine is the very same as to what I'm indigesting right now).



Foss said...

Green tea ain't so bad. Now, regular tea without milk, that stuff is evil. I believe it's used as punishment for shoplifting in some countries.

Raaavlxr laid waste to Hogwarts.

Smylexx said...

Tora takes her tea like she takes her men... Green and served in a plastic cup.

Appropriately i take my coffee like i take my women.. bitter and murky.

Foss said...

Tora takes her men like this: KEEPAWAYFROMME!!! Which is pretty much how she takes green tea too :)

Hvwdw, the laser guns spouted

Tora said...

The sad thing is that it's actually true, I do have a physical contact problem.

My heart is actually about the size of a walnut, a crispily dry and lifeless walnut. A deranged one. I do like to be around people, I just don't want them to hug me or stroke me or pat me, or, actually, touch me at all.

I'll change, I'll do my best.

Audun said...

Don't tell me you don't even hug your mum or sister/brothers???

That's teh iwul:(

I make an exception for tea, I use sugar in that. Then again, I seldom drink tea.



Tora said...

Of course I hug my family! I might be rather cold, but not THAT cold.

And, if I can remember correctly, I have hugged you at least once too! That goes for all of you.

Except perhaps Smy :(

Smylexx said...


Audun said...

no worries Smy, you didn't really miss out on anything...

*runs for it*

Tora said...

I try my best :(

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