Ralph Myerz and The Jack Herren Band

Last night Liv Elin and I went to a concert to see Ralph Myerz and The Jack Herren Band, I've seen them live before, but this was even more amazing! iiiih, I'm all fuzzy and excited just when thinking about it.

They take the level of really ENTERTAINING so much further than just chatting between a few of the songs, even though they're all a bit plump and rather freaky, they spent most of the concert standing on their drumsets while playing! They pour water on themselves and everywhere and they throw their drumsticks around wildly.

Not to mention that their music is awesome! It was teh sex.


Audun said...

Looks fantastic!

Too bad I couldn't come.

Why are there no piccies of you and Liv Elin/Kida stage-diving?

Tora said...

because we do not like to take pictures of ourselves.


Audun said...

men... men....

stage-diving da!

med rosa badehetter og store briller


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